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  1. blakeyboy

    See a penny, pick it up...

    I've been wondering about this one.... It was the second finest in the CGS Population Report, and it was noted that no examples were in the Alderley or Norweb collections. I think it's a Type 5, but I'm not sure..... It was tricky to get the pictures in focus enough to see the finer detail. Will the edge knocks detract from its value? I don't know any more than that- I'm not expecting The Spanish Inquisition....
  2. Mmm..Devil's Advocaat...my favourite cocktail. Except Tequila Mockingbird, obviously....:)
  3. blakeyboy

    See a penny, pick it up...

    Ha! Is a saw a very thin file? Where does one stop and the other start? Is one car 'traffic'? Tracy Tools used to do hilarious charts with different bolt types on etc.. All made up and hilarious...perfect for the workshop wall. I've just emailed them to see if they still do 'em....
  4. Best get her a job with a grading company then!!!!!
  5. Pete- I was going to 'like' your post, but I thought it looked good for you to have a reputation of '666' a little longer....:) Nice of Mark Florida to show the other side of slabbing......hmmm...maybe, just maybe, I'd use a certification body, if i was a dealer, but for now I'm really happy with Allen's excellent grading book......
  6. blakeyboy

    See a penny, pick it up...

    It needs a hole in it to be a washer. Mind you, a washer is only a very very short pipe......
  7. blakeyboy

    Old Dutch and US coins

    Hello all. After a bereavement (97!!) , the family I work with asked my advice. they have some Vic/Ed/GV silver, which I'll put on here, but there is a pile of Netherlands silver- 1840's to WW1 era, 2 1/2 Guilder downwards. Also some 19th C. U.S. Indian head cents and 5 cents. Is it worth putting on here, or is it better to suffer the slings and arrows blah blah on Fleabay? I'm trying to get the family the best return..
  8. blakeyboy

    1887 Florin

    Hi Kev I'll be putting some silver - a bereavement pile- on the For Sale section as soon as. May be something for you in that lot. I know there's a nice 1887 florin, 2 double florins, and a beautiful 1908 half crown etc... B
  9. I had this fall out of a tin of coins today- is it a coin or a button? it's 26mm diameter, but under 2mm thick. The crown looks vaguely scandinavian... B
  10. blakeyboy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Or those alphabet letters in the sweet shop......:)
  11. blakeyboy

    See a penny, pick it up...

    Slabbed as VF40? Miaow!!
  12. Is it just me, but are the standard accepted rarity ratings sometimes surprising? I feel the 1860 F17 is more common than Gouby R6, the 1867 F53 is way more rare than N3, the 1874H F76 is more common than R8 ( Michael used to say R7, but uprated it ) the 1875 F79 is way rarer than R5, and the 1875H is more common than R5. What do you guys think? B
  13. blakeyboy

    Customs Duty

    What I had was a text clipping- a highlighted section from an email....
  14. blakeyboy

    Customs Duty

    and again-how do I attach something so it is on the page, not zooming into a 'downloaded' file?
  15. blakeyboy

    Customs Duty

    oops did it again • The first ch.textClipping
  16. blakeyboy

    Customs Duty

    Got a reply from Pitney Bowes, the US agent who deal with some Ebay sales, after I pointed out the 5% import tax on coins, and the near on 25% I'd been charged. The seller's shipping charge was on top, and appears from this that it's the charge to ship the item to the shipping agent???? • The first ch.textClipping
  17. blakeyboy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I took apart an old disc drive, and got the curved neodymium magnet out. Sliding a coin down it at about 45˚ really shows up sterling silver from other alloys. Only pure copper comes close.
  18. blakeyboy

    Customs Duty

    I just paid $30 import on a $125 coin. I've written to Pitney Bowes, who PayPal paid, asking for information on the calculation, and I'll let you know what happens....
  19. blakeyboy

    penny 1874h F76

    I chickened out maybe 8 years ago- one in a nice VF went on Ebay for £450....I'm still annoyed. Mind you, the winning bidder could have left £1000 on it, so who knows...... (Even a rough one would be enough to fill that gap...)
  20. blakeyboy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Oh thank you so much for that. Best laugh at Bay for ages. Genuinely surreal......
  21. blakeyboy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Ah maybe this is how: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1869-Penny-In-Descent-Grade/263444882950?hash=item3d5689e606:g:XvgAAOSwvflZR~~n
  22. blakeyboy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Hope this attachment has worked- first time.... Descent grade? That means go down a grade- perhaps by being held in fingers.....! 1869 Penny In Descent Grade | eBay.webloc
  23. blakeyboy

    See a penny, pick it up...

    I went to a good school- it was approved..... It was rough, though- the only one in our area with it's own Coroner...
  24. blakeyboy

    See a penny, pick it up...

    They told me to get out more. I did that, and they told me to stay in more. My teacher says I'm special- that's a good thing, right?
  25. blakeyboy

    CGS v LCGS

    Ok- you buy a coin you like. When you want to look at it, you look at it. It may be worth more than you paid for it, maybe not. Maybe you just like having it. Sometimes, of course, the finding was more fun than the owning..... Maybe you'll sell it one day. The new owner can see it, and decide what to pay for it. Like you did....... Now, will anyone please tell me why you want someone else to look at it for a ridiculous fee? And charge you to look at a picture of it on line???????? Emperor's new clothes. A ridiculous system preying on people's insecurities. I will NEVER have something slabbed. Ever. If the system was PERFECT, it would still be pointless.....