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  1. More hand-holding needed please. Having got my new Numis album, do I want to clean the coins in any way before putting them in the album. Not to improve the appearance, I love the patina, but to preserve the coins or stop any weird reaction with the plastic sleeves?  Perhaps a gentle dab with a lens (glasses) cloth? Will do nothing yet, I know the whole question of coin cleaning is a contentious one!

  2. 10 hours ago, Sword said:

    I recognise your Avatar newheart, it's King Arthur's Round Table inside the Great Hall in Winchester. I visited the town 6 years ago and took a photo of it.

    Well spotted Sword! I live in Winchester and The Great Hall is my favourite building. 

  3. LOL, I know the feeling Leo - I couldn't resist buying some really cheap Anna Indian coins from the late 18th, just out of curiosity. I justified it on the basis they had a kings head on them. 

    Thanks for the links - I just ordered that "Collectors' Coins" book, I was going to ask for a recommendation. I ordered a loupe earlier. Not sure about the grading one yet, seems a bit dry and perhaps a bit premature (and isn't it aimed at those trying to grade and resell old coins?).

  4. What do I collect? I am going to give a typical newbie answer of everything and anything at present, as long as it is British and Pre decimal. I have yet to see an example of each coin, but expect I will select one coin or period when I get to know whats out there and what I can afford.

  5. 1 hour ago, PWA 1967 said:

    Farthings between 1897-1918 were darkened at the mint ,so as not to be passed over for a half sovereign.

    Its known as hypo.

    By coincidence I just received a few farthings from that period and they all have a nice dark even sheen to them. As a newbie I have no idea if this sheen is good, bad, natural or added. Looks nice though.


  6. Thanks Leo. I am looking forward to starting the collection in the new album! Yes it was the classic album plus 4 sets of different sized sheets. I have not bought any cardboard separators - do they come with the album? Guess I will find out soon enough :-)

  7. Thanks Ukstu. I had to Google  ren wax! This is interesting. Gives the coins a nice lustre, and protects, but does it detract from their value? Do other collectors on here treat their coins in any way? TIA, Pete

  8. Hi, why do some old coins appear to have a sheen or gloss to them? Almost like they have been oiled. Is this natural? Is it desirable? See the attached image for example (yes it is from eBay). Thanks!



  9. Hi Leo, many thanks for the very helpful reply. I had tried to find out online how these things all worked and their differences but it didn't make much sense until now, thanks. The reason I asked about the use of flips is that I was not sure if it was safe to put coins directly in the Numis album pages. I have now placed an order for my first Numis album and lots of sleeves (thanks for the links Upinsmoke). 

    For the benefit of any other newbie reading this, Numis is the name given to a particular Lighthouse album size, and comes in different flavours such as the classic and the Deluxe, and it is presently the smallest of the Lighthouse albums. 

    Thanks for everyone's help.

  10. Thanks for the advice Leo. btw are Lighthouse aka Numis? I saw on another forum some doubt about the plastics used in the sleeves. Though I am not sure if the plastic has to come into contact with the coin, or if it is just from the softners given off by the plastics. Probably getting ahead of myself here given the low value of my present collection!

  11. Thanks Ian and Sword. I will be taking your advice ordering some of the albums and inserts recommended by Upinsmoke

    Ian, to be fair to the makers of the 'cheap' albums, the plastic is OPP, not PVC. I think (though I may be wrong) that this is safe for coins. 

    Thanks for all the replies everyone :-)

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  12. Thanks for all the replies everyone. No-one has answered my original question, "is any reason not to use a cheap album such as those on Amazon and eBay ". Could they damage coins? These would be circulated coins of relatively low value. 

  13. 23 minutes ago, Rob said:

    In terms of storage, a mahogany cabinet might seem expensive to start with, but they are always desirable and as such an asset that you will have little difficulty in recouping your cost. It's worth thinking about.

    Hi Rob, Thanks for the reply! I'd love to be able to afford something like that, but until I have at least some coins worthy of such accommodation I think I will have to pass :-). 

  14. Hi Garrett, thanks for your reply. I did search on this forum but the posts seemed to focus on capsules, Lighthouse trays and separate stamp holders. I would really like to be able to store my coins in a book type format, and keep start-up costs low in case this is not a hobby that grabs me in the long term. No-one mentioned the cheap amazon and ebay coin booklets that are so common and I wondered why. 



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  15. Hi Craigy, thanks for the reply! But I have to ask now what is meant by "circulating coins" and "lighthouse"? I think I can guess but just to be sure...

    So that is what slabbed means! 

    I am just beginning my collection and am buying a few affordable British coins (pre 1900) just to get to know what they look like and to see how the quality varies. And I guess to see which period/coin I like most. It will be a long time until I buy uncirculated/high quality coins I think. 

    Many thanks,


  16. Hi, I am new to coin collecting and wanted to ask if there is any reason not to use a cheap album such as those on Amazon and eBay for a beginners coin collection? I believe the pockets are not PVC. One such as this? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Collectors-Collecting-Album-Holders-Royalblue/dp/B013DNMN6E/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1505750662&sr=8-8&keywords=coin+holder

    Another newbie question - I keep seeing the word "slabbed" in this forum. What is slabbed?
    Thanks in advance,