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  1. 1 hour ago, Ukstu said:

    Another one for the blog. 1722 Farthing. One of my kids. Just found it mixed in with some 1ps and 2ps on my mantle. 


    Stu, I will gladly put this in the blog, thanks. Can you tell me a little more? In simple terms, what tells you this is not a genuine old coin? To me it looks too sharp, and the colour looks wrong. But I only know that because I have other coins of my own to compare with. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Nick said:

    I see that you've now done some digging, but it was simply that no two coins can end up with the same incuse marks and scratches unless they are copies.  If the marks were on the dies, many coins would have the same marks, but they would be raised (not incuse) on any coins struck.

    Thanks Nick. I do get that now, and will see if I can explain that in the blog when time allows. Thanks again, Pete

  3. 5 hours ago, Nick said:

    Here is an example (there are many others):


    Search the forum for 1864 florin and you will find all the previous threads mentioning the reasons why they are fake.  I believe the original coin that all of the fakes were copied from is in the Heritage Archive.

    Nick I had a quick look through old forum posts about this coin and the level of knowledge required to identify this particular copy is pretty high. For example "tell-tale cud on the serif of the N of TENTH on the reverse and the same digs in the field in front of Victoria's face". What is a serif? What is a cud? Again, please excuse my ignorance!

  4. 26 minutes ago, Ukstu said:

    They may be marked with a small R. Museum reproductions do the same coin/token. There all cast from the same original. If you look at them you'll see exactly the same marks and indentations on them plus they look as if they are peeling. 

    Take a look at the one here http://www.museumreproductions.co.uk/shop/viewitem.php?productid=466

    Then examine the two from the eBay links and you'll see what i mean. On the paxs side next to the S in pax you'll see it looks clipped on the edge.Also the X in pax has a smudge / blob on it. They are just two easily noticeable marks on all of them. Also look at the short cross that runs on the obverse , notice the nick on the cross between the S and P. There is other noticeable marks too. ? Remember no two coins should look alike , each should have its own nicks and knocks.

    Thanks Stu. I cannot see any R on these. The image on http://www.museumreproductions.co.uk/shop/viewitem.php?productid=466 is way too small to see any details too. 

    Does anyone have a decent photo of a coin like this with the R?

  5. 4 hours ago, Ukstu said:

    Heres a link to the rubbish pax pennies that are getting flogged. The two other links are ebay sales of those same crap pennies. Not sure how you can word it but the pictures may prove useful if you want to add them to your guide. 






    Thanks for the links Stu. Yes the words are tricky!

    For the Dorchester replica coins, are these sold as fillers? Are these marked to indicate they are copies?

    In the first ebay link above (" INTERESTING UNKNOWN VERY EARLY SILVER COIN ") in laymans terms, how do you know this is a copy? 

    For the second eBay link (" hammered coins ") again, how do you identify that a a copy?

    No worries if you do not have time to answer :-)

    Cheers, Pete

  6. 3 hours ago, Nick said:

    Here is an example (there are many others):


    Search the forum for 1864 florin and you will find all the previous threads mentioning the reasons why they are fake.  I believe the original coin that all of the fakes were copied from is in the Heritage Archive.

    Thanks Nick. I don't presently have time to read through the previous posts as a newbie to understand why it is a fake. I was hoping others on here would input some brief text explaining why a particular coin is a fake plus photos. This way I can copy and paste onto the blog. Don't get me wrong, if I get the time I will do more research myself, but it would be quicker for the 'experts' on here who know these things to write this stuff up. 

  7. 35 minutes ago, declan03 said:

    If you scroll back this link, you will find all the replicas about. If it helps any. ?

    LOL - yes all 327 pages! Some homework for me... I work full time and have kids etc so my time for this blog is limited. Time aside, one problem with going through the old pages is that the explanations are not often clear enough for a newbie, which is what I am. 

  8. 13 minutes ago, Nick said:

    I still have pictures of the fake 1864 florin die number 64 if you want them?

    Yes please! But I am new to coin collecting so I would need a good explanation as to why you know it is a fake. If you have the time, that'd be great.

  9. Hi everyone, I am also sickened by these fake coins being passed off as genuine antiques. To try to do something about it, however small, I have created a blog that I will add to over time, based on the excellent knowledge gleaned here - I hope this is ok with you all. The blog is here: https://replicacoins.wordpress.com/ It needs tidying up but it is a start. If anyone wants to contribute as an author, PM me with ideas etc.  I will try to keep it free from anything libellous, I don't want to get the blog closed. 

    If anyone out there with a legal background thinks there is anything I should worry about in the blog, do say?

    If anyone has some good examples of replica coins do let me know?

    You never know, it may save one or two people from being ripped off. I have also created an eBay guide, but I think eBay will pull the plug on that pretty soon. 

    That's all for now, must get some kip!

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  10. 21 minutes ago, DaveG38 said:

    One method that might help, would be to put up a 'spoof' advert on eBay showing pictures of known fake coins with explanations i.e. those already being advertised, with a request not to bid on the items shown. I've seen this done before and it was helpful. Could be done from a 'new' eBay account so as to avoid compromising one's own normal username. It would be interesting to see how long it would take eBay to twig and take the auction down for that non-item.

    Nice idea. Another method would be to put up an eBay Guide with images etc. If someone wants to write one, and if they don't have an eBay account then I would be happy to put it up on my eBay account (I am too much of a newbie to write such a thing!).

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  11. I messaged field_walker, the seller of the "antique" coin with the little heart shape which shows it to be a replica, asking "why list it in Antiques>Antiquities>British?". He just replied:

    "Because I wanted to, who knows how old it is, do you know how old it is, there isn't a category for detecting finds is there. No more messages now have a nice day."

    For the benefit of newbies, this is the replica coin showing the heart stamp:



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  12. I politely messaged him saying this looked like a recent copy, and he sent a rude reply:

    "When did I tell you this was a coin, as you are new to coin collecting you should be able to read my description in full, where does it say coin, I believe it doesn't. does it. You should know that before you send ugly messages out."

    Lovely seller. Will report - should not be listed in Antiques!

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  13. 27 minutes ago, will1976 said:

    I too have had a few bargains off the bay with regard to unofficial farthings, all comes down to the description and if your prepared to trawl through the crap. A favourite description seems to be 'Victoria token' which can mean any number of things!

    Same here Will. I love taking a risk on a blurry token photo - you can get some real crackers! 

  14. 2 hours ago, PWA 1967 said:

    Not sure what you mean by little challenge as we are buying a coin does it matter were it comes from if its what you want.

    Hi PWA, If you buy from a dealer the coin has most probably already been identified and graded, and the risk is lower. On eBay there is a lot of unknowns and greater risk but this means you need to do more research, which I enjoy. btw what is "RT"?

  15. 11 minutes ago, PWA 1967 said:

    As this is an ebay thread it all goes back to if you want something decent / valuable buy it from a dealer.You will eventually come unstuck and any saving you may make on a few will soon be wiped out on the bad one.Ebay serves a purpose and is good for cheap varieties etc but not high value,i use it almost daily , couple of days ago i bought a couple of pennies for £1 without getting out of the chair and does not cost anything to look :)

    I agree. As you say, it would depend on the type of coins being purchased plus the knowledge and caution of the buyer. Personally, I think eBay is the most interesting and educational market to shop in! Buying from a dealer is like buying groceries - no emotional attachment and little challenge. 

  16. 10 hours ago, Rob said:

    Silly. It's all that is wrong with eBay, or at least the people who buy there.

    Rob I frequently buy on eBay. I love watching the listings, researching what is on offer, weeding out the crap and putting cheeky bids on those I fancy. I have been very happy with my purchases, and have received full refunds for any coins not as described. 

    I could just buy from a "professional" coin seller and pay their 50% markup plus VAT, without any need to research the coins. But to me that is not collecting, it is simply investing.

    Please don't insult buyers that choose to use eBay!

  17. 21 minutes ago, hibernianscribe said:

    I notice the remaining "what is it" fake (the Commonwealth one) has been "pulled" citing reason "the item is no longer available". Perhaps we actually got through to him!

    I reported it....

  18. 36 minutes ago, declan03 said:

    Haha.......i received 2 messages so i am more popular!! I think the words     " threatening", " aggressive"   "honest"  "report" and "ebay" amongst others were mentioned.  So he has been busy. Though why the words....its a fake...and another...and another annoyed him so much i,ve no idea.  I did reply back to him and ask why he felt the need to send me these messages.  After all all i was only answering his question of "What is this?" and asked him if it was supposed to be some guessing game for naive customers. Never received a reply. 

    Probably didn't understand "naive"...

    Is this the seller of this unbelievable coin? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Unusual-small-coin-what-is-it-/162720585108?fromMakeTrack=true

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