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  1. Doesn't seem anything altered at all to me and if I were looking to play devils advocate and just question something for the sake of it, perhaps they see tooling here?. I can't really spot anything to question. Rather remiss of these companies not to give details and leave the owner in limbo.
  2. did you have some “sossiges” with it?
  3. more football related…. it’s cummin gnome
  4. Diaconis

    Gardening advice required

    We were out for a few drinks with the project team and the company COO was there, paying of course. We’d had a few jars and he started complaining about the glis glis in his rafters. After an interesting and lengthy explanation about them and the high cost of getting rid, I concluded that they are basically just posh rats, but cute ones.
  5. Diaconis

    Gardening advice required

    Three squirrels were sitting on animal hides... The first squirrel was sitting on a rabbit hide and weighed one pound. The second squirrel was sitting on a wolf hide and weighed two pounds. And the third squirrel was sitting on a hippopotamus hide and weighed three pounds. This proves that the squirrel on the hippopotamus is equal to the sum of the squirrels on the other two hides.
  6. Diaconis

    More Pennies

    Goodness me, what was the planned procedure if I might ask?
  7. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    https://coinsweekly.com/ccg-hires-new-senior-grading-finalizer-and-no-end/ I hope hes not in to brandy and champagne like his namesake. Mind you judging by some of the recent grading anomalies some graders might be.
  8. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Yes, overgraded. Fred the flour grader would have got closer.
  9. In a Sean Connery voice , “its become a bit of a shellebrity” shorry
  10. Nice to see that the tradition is being kept alive, here's one in Manchester.
  11. Yes indeed, I hope he's OK, he's not been on here for a while...
  12. Apparently one of the side effects of coronavirus vaccines is no taste... Thoughts go out to all the Eastenders fans out there and.. A friend just had his 2nd injection at the vaccination center and began to have blurred vision the whole way home. When he got home, he called the vaccination center for advice and to ask if he should go see a doctor, or be hospitalized. He was told to come back to the vaccination center as a matter of urgency to collect his glasses.
  13. Sure I can see a smiley face next to it, on the right hand side, probably not contemporary. Could just be a touch of Pareidolia caused by an innocent cock up by the stone mason.
  14. Yes, very nice cabinet Why not see if there’s interest in the smaller cabinets on here and then order a big one?
  15. Diaconis

    Using acetone to clean coins

    Id forgotten about your mate Flash but your account of him did stay with me for quite a while when I first read it.
  16. Diaconis


    I’ll often wear one cotton glove when examining slabs (+ small bottle of isopropyl alcohol on the side).* Great for rubbing off any fingerprints or crud prior to closer examination and before putting away. I find it more convenient than a loose cloth. *There’s a Spinal Tap album cover title in there somewhere
  17. Diaconis

    More Pennies

    Here's an extract from G. Thullier (Pour une histoire monétaire de la France au XIXe siècle). From what I can understand with my poor French: Straight after the Revolution of 1848 and on 3/May of that year they were still striking Centimes in pure copper. It seems that the big push in France toward Bronze came a little later on 6/May 1852 with an issue of 48,500,OOOF of bronze (at that time they also recalled about 10,000T of copper). Notably, he states that bronze coins were circulating 50 years earlier than that (Note1 states that in 1848 there was already various (billon) coinage in circulation made of copper or bell metal or bronze which was made half a century earlier, which I assume was official issue).
  18. Diaconis

    Stolen hoard of Roman artefacts found

    Mr. Cartwright sounds like an all-round good egg ( or an all-oval good egg) for refusing any financial reward. Hopefully the thieves read the article too.
  19. Diaconis

    2018 50p Next big thing?

    Worn out places, worn out faces
  20. luxury, I remember when.......
  21. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I emailed them to say it was worth about a fiver and they asked if that was an offer😂
  22. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Chancer Alert! Obvious fake in “Amazing condition” https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-1658-OLIVER-CROMWELL-CROWN-5-Coin/164766759303?hash=item265cdd3987:g:zB8AAOSwC3VgU7h1