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  1. There are so many of these who’s makers are unknown but I believe this It’s a weight for a Dutch 1 Real / Keizers-real / Konings-reaal - (1521 - 1598) - goud - 5,3gr. If you check the weight it should be 5.3gr??
  2. There are so many of these who’s makers are unknown but I believe this is Hans Fonck 1577-1603.
  3. Here's one from Scarborough with Leopard head (Nelson)
  4. Diaconis

    Commendable Künker

    Just read this interesting article in Coin news and was fascinated by the history of the coin in question and impressed by the commendable act of Auction house Künker in returning same to the cabinet in Weimar. https://www.coinsweekly.com/en/News/Alchemical-Gold-Coin-Back-in-Weimar/4?&id=5985 I must say that, having purchased several coins from them them in the past, their packaging and service is also second to none.
  5. Diaconis

    Commendable Künker

    Great aren't they.😀 It's the only auction house where I actually keep the packaging. I think this is the packaging you are referring to? A pound of packaging to ship a 5 gram shilling, quality.
  6. Rob, not much information but it may be of some interest. I'm sure you'll find the site most interesting if you don't already know of it. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/vch/worcs/vol3/pp408-412
  7. I got the date wrong AZDA, 1897. Here's an excerpt from Stacks; "Commissioned in 1897, the Heaton mint produced a series of six coins, five silver and one brass, as proposed patterns or trial strikes of the eventual adopted design for the Nanking mint. A full set of dies and a small number of proofs were sent along with the minting equipment after completion. Upon arrival the Nanking mint began production using the supplied dies.
  8. Design by Heaton mint in 1870's for Nanking province, dies were shipped over to China.
  9. Diaconis

    copy or real

    i stand corrected😉
  10. Diaconis

    copy or real

    At first sight looks like a fake to me. - the ‘t’s in tenth also make me suspicious, not pointed as original.
  11. Rob, I read through Seaby bulletins 59-62, (62 is written on the ticket). Seaby Stock numbers are different from the 5 digit stamp and generally start with a letter followed by 4 numbers. Any suggestions? thanks
  12. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Too right, that’s an expensive wooden box. Never looked at Danbury Mint before, judging by their website they’re a Jack of all trades.
  13. Rob, Excellent ! Thanks so much for taking the time to find the catalogue and provide the information, i’m very grateful and happy to know more about the coin’s provenance. It’s been lying in my cabinet since 2003. I bought it on ebay of all places, from a seller in Chester-le-Street, Co Durham. He had some quality coins for sale at he time. When i bought it there were no references to the Neales sale to be found on the web and for several years after. Having checked again this week I did find a couple of coins recently sold by DNW mentioning the Neales sale. I’m sure i’d have had a struggle to locate the catalogue since, as you mentioned earlier, it was a provincial auction and long before internet auctions so am very glad you had a copy buried away.
  14. Thank you Rob, very helpful as usual.
  15. The seller also has a 1707 Queen Anne Edinburgh crown for sale. Looks rather suspect too.
  16. Can anyone help with identifying ticket writer and provenance? Neales 91? TCX? Tanenbaum? thank you
  17. Diaconis

    Commendable Künker

    hear hear
  18. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Wow indeed. I thought I’d check her other items to see if she had other rarities, I wasn’t disappointed. Sarah’s other offering to the numismatic fraternity at this time is a £2 coin which she’ll let go for £46. i think she may need to brush up on her braille.
  19. Diaconis

    NGC Slabbing

    Could there be a Geordie grading centre, like?
  20. Copy of the Portland vase? reminds me of an old b&w Alfred Hitchcock tv episode, think it was called the Cheney vase or something like that. The moral of which is more valid today, i.e look after the old folks.😉
  21. Maybe the limited mintage issues target specific but smaller markets. This wasn’t meant to appeal to the masses, it doesn’t have to do well, just sell out. There are most definitely people who can appreciate Josiah Wedgwood I’m sure of that. Check out the new World of Wedgewood museum in Barlaston and see his far reaching influence. Can’t see Gruffalo being revered in 250 yrs time but I may be wrong.