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  1. will1976

    Green Pennies, half pennies Victoria

    Are these any of any use to you Larry? if so pm me
  2. A little more info for you from 'The building Medalets of Kempson and Skidmore' by R. C. Bell page 36/7 ''D&H War.297'' (then gives a description of the token followed by) ''The building was originally a hospital founded at the beginning of the reign of Henry II. At the dissolution of the monasteries John Hales purchased the chapel and converted it into a free school.'' Unfortunately it gives no information on edge varieties
  3. The two listed in the 1990 edition are 297 with edge reading Coventry and 297a which is plain. There is no mention of any 'Coventry token' edge for 297 in the corrigenda section of the book
  4. will1976

    heritage auction catalogues

    I don't usually plug my Ebay sales on here but I have a number of coin catalogues for sale which might be of interest to some members. If you are interested in any please pm on here, £10 each postage included https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323367409964?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  5. We use a similar 3D visual for our dementia training, while I'm sure it is nothing like what a person with dementia suffers it gives us a look, all be it very briefly, into how their world is. You have to remember though that everyone is unique and the dementia (or autism) affects the person in an equally unique way with no two suffers experiencing the same thing
  6. Professional? Me? Definitely not! Intelligent? The jury is still out...…..
  7. I was a litho printer for 15 years and have now been in dementia care for the last 10 years
  8. will1976

    Toy Coins

    Found them! Listed under 'Royal Mint trial coins' in the free for all section
  9. will1976

    Toy Coins

    I too like that design and am lucky enough to own an example along with a few others. I did post pictures to the site a while back but I don't recall the name of the thread
  10. Excuse my ignorance but what is a 'high six?'
  11. will1976

    1903 Half Crown - comments please

    https://www.cooperscoins.com/collections/crown/products/edward-vii-1903-silver-halfcrown-key-date-gf same coin but £15 cheaper on his website
  12. will1976

    1903 Half Crown - comments please

    I've bought from his website and had no problems at all, was very pleased
  13. will1976

    1847 gothic crown

    Corbitts sold a nice proof one last week.....11K hammer
  14. I'd hazard a guess they was pennies and two pennies and it has something to do with them being copper clad steel as to why only those coins was affected but how I have no idea
  15. will1976

    Am I wrong for liking this?

    If you cash in al your Italian lire Zoo you'll be able to afford two!!
  16. will1976

    My Latest Acquisition

    I have absolutely no idea!
  17. will1976

    My Latest Acquisition

    It took me along time to settle on collecting one theme until I stumbled across one of these in a second hand shop for a fiver, I now have around a hundred and fifty. It fascinates me all the different trades that are depicted on them from schools, engineers, post offices and port supplies. Some are common, some are really quite rare and it's always nice to get a local one
  18. will1976

    My Latest Acquisition

    Images added
  19. COCKANYE, F.S. Round white card 26mm diameter, written on both sides in ink with the reverse as 'medal alignment' when the ticket is turned over. From his collection of tokens acquired by Baldwins C1946
  20. will1976

    My Latest Acquisition

    My latest unofficial farthings. The two with tickets are from the Cockanye collection, which was bought by Baldwins around 1946. Are the tickets worthy of the 'ticket central' thread with them being tokens rather than coins?
  21. will1976

    7 Kilos of Johhny Foreigners

    I'm not sure zoo, they paid me out at the prices they quoted on the website with no quibble
  22. will1976

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Words fail me! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rare-Abraham-Lincoln-2-coin-with-Minting-Error-and-misprint/183208799453?hash=item2aa8186cdd:g:KfIAAOSwgc1awo3w
  23. will1976

    7 Kilos of Johhny Foreigners

    I've recently disposed of a couple of kilos of foreign coinage and some obsolete banknotes through 'Left over currency' https://www.leftovercurrency.com/ None of the banknotes where decent enough grades for collecting so this was the next best option. It is a little tedious sorting all the coins and logging them in but it was worthwhile as I got back £122, it will just depend on what you have but from memory they paid quite high for Swiss and German coins. It took about a week from them receiving them to paying out