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  1. will1976

    new coin magazine

    I'm not sure if anyone else has seen this publication but the summer issue I got at yesterdays flea fair by chance is quite an interesting read.....
  2. I don't have an example of reverse 4 yet but I'd like one as it has the 'twentyseven public buildings....' legend and it just seems to fit well with the others.
  3. Yes I'm afraid so and i need six of the ten you listed! The ones I need are: 167 Meeting Paradise strt 169 Jerusalem Temple 177 Barracks Erected 184 Birmingham Library 186 Birmingham Workhouse 191 Welch Cross 194 Blue School 202 New Brass Works 205 New Brewery 212 Soho Manufactory I did have the opportunity to buy the Welch Cross example but it had a bad corrosion spot on the reverse so I declined it in the hope of finding a better example. Do any of yours have the Ottley reverse? I've not come across any so far
  4. My two latest Kempson half pence's from the Birmingham series, I'm particularly pleased with the new meeting one as it shows a lot more lustre in hand. Just 10 left to find now!
  5. @Diaconis just re checked the weight and it comes in at 3gm exactly. I'm a little confused now as the picture you included in your last post is an exact match
  6. @Diaconis I will double check the weight once I get home tonight but I'm pretty certain it came in at 3 grams
  7. will1976

    new coin magazine

    I've not had chance to read it yet but the few articles I've looked through do look quite in depth
  8. This was one of my purchases yesterday from my regular outings to the Malvern flea fair.... Antwerp coin/trade weight, 15x15mm weight of 3gm. I believe it dates from 1597 but I'm still checking up on that and the makers initials
  9. will1976

    new coin magazine

    contents page:
  10. will1976

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Yes I'm sure it must be classed as fraud, I've reported to Ebay explaining it's the same coin as she bought but the listing was still live last time I looked
  11. will1976

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Well done, that was going to be my next task!
  12. will1976

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Well I've had a reply...... New message from: marlybob1 (454) Hi I did yes but that was a nickel one I paint coins and that one I painted and gave away this one is solid silver and was bought in York with my other silver coins and i won't be painting this I don't paint silver coins and as I have told others im no expert I just sell coins to support my mum if they don't sell I have them melted to ingots apart from this one that is I do have a book that says a coin like this could be worth over 4000 and all that's been offered so far is just over a thousand and i won't sell it for that so they wont be getting it neither it will go in the safe until a later date Regards Michelle If I was selling it and been offered 'just over a thousand' I would of snapped their hand off! That would be a huge profit
  13. will1976

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Never thought of that sword, a job for the morning!
  14. will1976

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Temptation got the better of me! I've messaged asking, I'll post the response if I get one
  15. will1976

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Has anyone messaged her asking if it's the same coin.....it obviously is but her response would be interesting
  16. My latest Pidcock ½ pence, D&H457 which arrived this morning. Opinions on grade welcome, I'm thinking around a good very fine?
  17. will1976

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I have a couple of examples of these but in copper not stainless steel. My understanding is they was minted to test the integrity of the die material.
  18. Is that a partial brockage or die clash beneath the cockatoo @Paulus there was one that sold on the bay a few weeks back with a similar impression but a little more pronounced, the same design I think
  19. The earliest dated one is 1795 with the latest 1801. This is the only half penny example I have at the moment but some are dated 1795, 1796 and 1801 . The rarest of the lot seems to be the tiger, I've never seen an example let alone been able to buy one. A couple of the farthing tokens from the same series I have have the date of 1801 on them and this seems to be the end of the series
  20. will1976

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    As I work in elderly care I found this hilarious! I'm working this afternoon and I shall be grading my residents!!!!
  21. I've spent the morning looking up these two coin weights (?) with a little success on the oblong one but I've found nothing on the round one. The oblong one weighs 31.5gm so a touch over a troy ounce (my scales might be slightly out here) measures 31x21x5mm. This one is definitely Chinese as the images match the 5 cent (fen) coin for 1936-39 (Krause y#348) with the diameter of the image on the weight matching the 18mm of the coin. The round weight I've had less luck with. I'm pretty certain it's Chinese again but not a 100% sure, it has a weight of 44gm with a diameter of 30mm. When placed with the characters face down it is domed in shape. Both are non magnetic Any information an what they are or where used for would be appreciated, even a pointer in the right direction.
  22. will1976

    Asian coin weights?

    Again thank you @Sword I guess it helps knowing what you're looking for and being able to read the text!