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  1. This is one of the ones I have, as you say probably a gaming counter. I'm assuming, possibly wrongly, that you bought the blank piece and had stamped on your initials or own design
  2. Yes I've been collecting them for the past 4 or so years now, I have around 250. It started off with a random one which i bought for a fiver, it turned out to be quite scarce. I started looking for them then and I've been lucky in picking up some of the rare ones. I'll post a few pics on my next day off if your interested
  3. A nice pick up, some of the unofficial farthings are very scarce. Even some of the ones listed in withers as relatively common can be hard to find in a decent grade. Is it an area you collect much of or just ones of interest?
  4. Well done, I think we're slowly getting there! I'm awaiting delivery of 'Jerusalem temple' should arrive in the morning
  5. From R.C. Bell's 'The Building Medlets of Kempson and Skidmore' 'St. Mary's Hall was originally built as a meeting and banqueting place for three of the city guilds, St. John's, Trinity, and St. Katharine's. Building began about 1340-2 while the Great Hall itself was started in 1394 and finished in 1414. Later it became used for Corporation festivities, and sometimes as a theatre. The building was extensively repaired in 1580 and in 1753 the old brick floors were removed and replaced with oak planking' It also states that 'A few of these pieces were struck in silver' but doesn't list which ones
  6. Yes they are, although the Bath series seems to be scarcer. I've only seen a couple of those. I believe it's just the picture, there is a 6 in the exergue though
  7. A new series started, Kempson Coventry half penny
  8. Another Spence 'Oddfellows' token, bought today at the Malvern flea fair
  9. A nice example, slightly better than mine. Is there any edge inscription?
  10. will1976

    Coin ticket, Jan collection?

    When I bought the token this ticket relates to the dealer told me it was possibly from the Jan collection, I've checked the 'ticket central' thread and there's nothing there that matches that I can see. Can anyone confirm it is Jan or shed any light on it? Thanks all
  11. will1976

    Coin ticket, Jan collection?

    Not to worry @Rob
  12. It's only the second I've come across, the other was listed as fair and 'quite battered' Still available as far as I'm aware if your interested
  13. Well it's been an expensive month and the coin fund is now officially bankrupt after this purchase. D+H199 Ottley reverse. Apologies for the over exposure, took several shots and happy with none of them
  14. @Paulus I did wonder if it was you who bought it, I got the 'new brass works' the same week
  15. Yes, just leaves 8 to go now. I'm thinking of starting on the Gloucester series next
  16. My purchase from Thursday's DNW sale, D+H177 in brass, which arrived this morning
  17. will1976

    More Pennies

    You could keep both Paddy for the time being until a better specimen comes along. I don't collect pennies so I don't know your outlay
  18. will1976

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Sadly my offer has been declined, not even the rambling story I was hoping for!
  19. will1976

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I've just offered her a pound for it telling her it's a replica/restrike. We shall see what happens!
  20. will1976

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I've reported it
  21. will1976

    Weird Toning

    I would avoid the plastic flips, they can damage your coins leaving a sticky film on them particularly on silver. If you search for them on here I believe there are pictures of the results. As for storage boxes I use these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rigid-Cardboard-Strong-BLACK-COIN-STORAGE-BOX-Single-Box-2-4-6-8-10-20-30/380967218322?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144 two or three boxes should easily store 180 coins
  22. will1976

    Weird Toning

    As sword says the Quadrums are more expensive but are good. I use the standard quads for my tokens or the Quadrum Intercept for any with a lot of lustre I want to preserve. They work out at about a pound a capsule for the intercepts and around 65p for the standard