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  1. will1976

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    reported it too
  2. will1976

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I've reported it too, if we keep bombarding eBay they might do something
  3. At least the one your really wanted is ok, you can always upgrade the others
  4. There's a very good altered '1933' penny on the bay at the moment, it's the only one I'll ever be able to afford! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRITAIN-GEORGE-V-1933-PENNY-PRO-ALTERATION-TOOLED-/201995428787?hash=item2f07dda3b3:g:UjMAAOSwY~VZdIq8
  5. Is that the only bad one out of the set?
  6. I'm trying to identify the planchet which this penny has been minted on so I can add one to my collection for reference. Weight is 2.6 grams 20mm diameter brass and non magnetic
  7. Thank you to all who made suggestions, it is a Hong Kong 20 cent
  8. Thank you, using Robs sugestion I'll try those countries first
  9. 1983. ok I'll give it a go Rob, will let you know if I have any luck!
  10. I realise this is a long shot with the name 'St Johns' being so common but I bought this at a local flea fair hoping it was an unofficial farthing. It's not in the catalogue as one but is the same size etc and it now has me intrigued, any suggestions welcome. Blank reverse apart from a beaded border
  11. will1976

    'st johns' token -- Unofficial Farthing??

    I did wonder that but all the ones I've seen are larger and of white metal
  12. will1976

    Royal mint trial coins

    There's a very similar design on a modern Eastern Caribbean coin as the obverse of the 'two shilling' but I can't recall the denomination at the moment
  13. will1976

    Royal mint trial coins

  14. will1976

    Royal mint trial coins

    finally happy with the resizing!
  15. will1976

    Help needed with unknown coin/token

    Well that was simple! Thank you very much Ian, I was obviously looking in the wrong place
  16. I would welcome any thoughts or suggestions on what this might be, £5 coin size and weight, plain edge. I emailed the RM but they wasn't very helpful and just said it's out of a proof set. The spiral of letters and numbers appear to have been engraved prior to striking
  17. will1976

    Royal mint trial coins

    A new model crown plain edge 26mm diameter, brass centre silvered metal outer
  18. will1976

    Royal mint trial coins

    Here's the first one, not the best of pictures but I'll have a play around with the others and see if I can do better!
  19. will1976

    Royal mint trial coins

    I'm having some trouble with the file sizes of my pictures, what's the best way to take and upload them please
  20. will1976

    Royal mint trial coins

    Hello, forgive the late reply but I've only just joined. If your interested I can add some pictures of some Victorian model coins, not just the penny and half penny by Moore. Just let me know Will