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  1. 14 points
    Managed, at last, to get a VIGTORIA:
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    Yes i use gloves to photograph mine.
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    Very pleased with this 1874 penny - F65 in top UNC grade with probably 90% lustre, ever so lightly toning. Just £250 as a BIN. These are obviously not desperately rare, but they don't turn up every 5 minutes, and definitely not in this grade. Looking back at other sales of similar grade, the price compares very favourably.
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    This week's budget-busting acquisition (crown)
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    A common coin but the toning is nice and much more intense than that shown in photos.
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    I haven't posted for a while, the way the coin market has gone nuts since covid has really limited what I can afford to add to my collection. That said I did add this 1919 Half Crown, NGC have it as MS 63, formally CGS80.
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  9. 8 points
    One i have just got back from NGC MS65BN ,lovely tone for a scarce year in high grade.
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    A big thank you to everyone in the NHS and spa medica after my sucessful eye cateract operation which means fantasticly inproved sight . While I am not prepared to say I will never need glasses again , it is a posibility.. I strongly suspect cateract operations might be subject to charges as there are so many people getting them now Many colours are much enhanced and I am sure in a week or to my coins will be as well .
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    Look at it a different way. It's either the 2021 coin that has been dipped, or what are the odds on the two dozen identical scratches, nicks, lumps etc appearing on two coins. Attached is an image from when this was discussed previously with the copy similarities highlighted. The resolution isn't wonderful, but the only matching item on the reverse appears to be the small mark on the right edge of the bottom shield. The obverse has numerous matching marks including behind the head, including the bigger scratches in the field. I'm still suspicious.
  12. 7 points
    A recent win from Noonans I'm very happy with Charles I Scottish Thirty Shillings, Third Coinage (1637-42), Briot’s coinage mm. flower and b on obv., thistle and b on rev SCBI 35 1427-9, S. 5553, Bull 6 (this coin) Ex. Maurice Bull collection SNC April 1989 (1846)
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    A really nice 1893 over 2 Gouby BP1893B ,often wrongly attributed 😀
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    Bookshop display with a sense of humour:
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    Cartoon strip from the Daily Mirror, 1919:-
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    A young visitor in our garden yesterday , dont see many in Manchester especially during the day.
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    A nice 1797 Penny 10 Leaves NGC MS64 ,better lustre than i was able to capture in the picture ,without the normal contact marks.
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    I really don't get the aggravating philosophy of having a starting bid less than the minimum bid. It IMHO does NOT generate bidding frenzies or increase of actual buying interest.
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    Received it today. Would grade about fine. I was slightly concerned that it might be a large rose, large date specimen, as so many times the two (large and small date) are confused. But I needn't have worried. It's the real deal. The bulbous end of the date 5 top bar is slightly worn, but still there under magnification. Plus the other indicators are in place, such as the die crack through the 5, some die clash marks off Britannia's right arm, and the colon being closer to the F of DEF. Apologies for picture size disparity. I had this sorted, but the solution no longer works, unfortunately.