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    Maybe the world will be a better place in the future with Ai Bots putting on ebay listings without the help of humans . Well they could hardly do worse , could they?
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    Came across this 1859 penny with quite interesting repairs to all the reverse R's
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    Well this is a masterpiece of bullshit to misrepresent a common polished coin as desirable! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/266817921795?itmmeta=01HY5RM384CB3M8QYD8TFJ8EZC&hash=item3e1f966303:g:P9QAAOSwBp9mSGzh&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAA4CND%2BLOUuRITYzdUUVsKmNc8RNgC4PXfp3v24lsBSRZPvhF%2FlAz9v3Hx8dlAY3P%2FXPItNKItc0IHJMuAWgA3rFMU%2Bj0Egb2wTDf9qrj5Jd9yi20pR6JGgXgrbj2UIP2ILr8jbRqFzWbi1wQN3SPga16Npbq61gUrWBFe6OUo%2F0mPfezB8k3PIj3wqumm8BA370XDjxudlz1CXQU4Wxmqir%2Bs0vV3Xm4A3WX4LlKaz0EcyhsmGLcee2wPFaeRHq9w3Qy6GlTZ39CpnMjZNAlVJ86g9u%2FaAfQZOJdqAQu9oKCe|tkp%3ABk9SR6S00LjxYw Jerry
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    Another curiosity - a perhaps 'model sovereign' signed under the bust 'LAUER' but larger than his usual 12.5mm toy coins, as this piece is 22.0mm (same as a Sovereign). Whether you could call it a model coin is debatable, but I have it as it is signed Lauer.
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    No problem, agreed on the valuation - a shame if you're selling, but perhaps not if you're collecting. Here is another toy/model coin that is seldom seen - only the third example I have seen. Likely made by Joseph Moore, and mentioned in a comment in Rogers, but not listed (although he does have an example in his collection in the Fitzwilliam, so perhaps his example was acquired after publication?). Model Four Pence with the Arms of Birmingham.
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    Spot on. I read a book recently debunking the entire concept: "AI" either uses big data (e.g. the big chess and Go computers, which can't actually do anything else), or the large language model like Chat GPT, or has 'learning circuits' which have approximately 0.0000000001% the capacity of the human brain. On the other hand, human intelligence can involve deduction, reduction, recognition, inference, intuition, or maybe all at once. To show the limitations of AI, there's one that can in a photo recognise not only dogs from any other animal, but tell you what breed they are. HOWEVER, researchers changed a few pixels in the photo, which to human eyes were not detected, but the AI was fooled into 'identifying' the dog as something completely different, e.g. a hippo or even a sea creature.
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    Not listed by Rogers - I’ve only seen 1 other (in my own collection). Presumably fairly scarce.
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    Am I the only one who doesn't 'get' AI? I have a book on the subject, and although it is interesting, it struck me that all AI appears to do, is analyse data etc. and act on it, faster than man can. The book talks about finding patterns in data that we might not spot, and thus unexpected solutions to problems, but again it strikes me this is a matter of speed, rather than 'intelligence.' Given enough people and time it seems to me that anything AI can do we too could, albeit much slower. For me, this doesn't make AI intelligent, just fast. The other aspect I don't understand is the issue of AI 'learning' based on 'reading' existing documentation, so that it can absorb huge amounts of information and can use this in any tasks it is undertaking. How does it sort the wheat from the chaff? How does it work out how the rantings of Donald Trump compare to the utterings of any other US president, or how it can differentiate the absolute rubbish put out by some people online, compared to those who actually have a sensible argument? In short, how does it sort the truth from the lies? Plus, of course, how does it learn morality, when in literature there are fine lines which are often blurred. In short, how can we ensure that AI doesn't decide that the problems of the world are caused by man, and decides to do away with us? After all, this would likely solve the problem of climate change, which it will have learned is a major issue at the moment!!
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    I guess Chat GPT would autocorrect 'marleybob' to 'Bob Marley' (Same old 1933 penny though...)
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    I have never tried to have a coin graded NGS or PGS and have wondered how difficult it is. from Australia. Any information would be useful from anyone who has tried.in the past The coin is a 1916 half crown again one I have had for a while but when re- photographing it thought it may get a MS grading and worth submitting
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    You didn't ask for it, but grading by the pictures I [sort of] would say this: I don't see a lot of hairlines but even a bit of angling to the light may reveal such. They can be VERY hard on those. Assuming none other that what is seen, that bit passes muster for lower mint state coins but the friction along the neck and base of bust might lever it down just a bit. I would be tempted to put it in the 61-62 category....The reverse is fairly nice with a bit of softness at bottom of crown at shield.
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    It's not difficult really, I send stuff in every now and then. Just a form to be filled in and then sent with the coin to the appropriate place. You need to be a paying member to submit on your own, or do it via a third party. Once you've done, it'll be easy. I'm lucky in that I call into the London office and leave everything there. Turnaround is always in working day, so 2 to 3 months in general.
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    I tend to use a third party to submit my coins to NGC here in the UK. The turn around was around 3 months last time (over a year ago). I can put you in touch with someone in the UK who can help. I know its not ideal but they may be able to give you a steer.
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    I must say that the decimal coins at least would not be something I would choose to spend my money on , but there again people collect different things don't they? The farthing I would spend money on but there again not a lot ,for what is probably a unique piece.
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    I had this one also ,not the nicest coin or grade ,although unusual as dont think i have seen a mis struck bronze farthing before ?
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    That's AI for you, as demonstrated by ebay's push to allow "intelligence" to create the listing blurb on behalf of a seller. Over the last few months, the amount of bollocks that is being said in coin listings (and no doubt other categories too) beggars belief. Thank god some of us on here still have human intelligence, but heaven help the world for the future... 😩
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    Another decent 1915 Recessed ear purchased not attributed and dont see many in grade.
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    Holy s**t! Mintage figures are released! Over 6k for the on the day! I misjudged that somewhat