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    I've just finished conserving my 1893 short proof set box, and I thought I would share the results. The first pic shows the box in its original state with dozens of scuffs, a broken wooden lid and damaged hinge. I've now re-glued the wood, repaired the hinge and used acrylic paint to touch up the scuffs, followed by a couple of treatments with with hide food. The results are in the second pic. I must say that I'm very pleased with the results. The box hasn't been restored to brand new, but it does look very much nicer than it did when I got it. Just need to visit the bank to put the coins in, and then its onto the next project of sourcing a 1887 set plus box!! Sorry about the slightly blurry image of the second pic.
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    Or mine! More tarnished but maybe more detail?
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    Is it just me, or are the '3's' in the 1903 open 3 penny and the 1903 florin very similar? If any member has an example of both, it may be worth measuring the size of the '3', and if they are the same size, it's not beyond imagination that the open 3 penny occurred because someone picked up the florin punch by mistake? If this has been discussed before, apologies- this idea just occurred to me, and I can't find it in a search of the site.....
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    Any quoting from the Life of Brian is out then. Chapmans closing line would cause a meltdown.
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    Yes, I know it has been mounted and repaired, but still an attractive design. The Hapsburg chin was the clincher for me:
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    If you check out his sold items choosing the Highest First option, coins 6 + 7 and 9 + 10 down, have both received the same treatment. 6 + 7 by the same bidder as the original posted coin, who has, incidentally bought his highest sold coin for a tad over £3000. The bidder with 605 feedbacks likes a bid too. I'm sure it's all above board tho. I really must tri ad get on with some work now.😁
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    I've just listed a 1966 Freeman 2nd edition on ebay if anyone is interested. It's under books, not coins, so usual searches may not find it.
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    That dentist looked down in the mouth about the Covid situation, still, if they work hard and become famous, they may earn a Blue Plaque.
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    Oh well you know the drill by now. Filling in the wasted time. Hopefully you'll be able to extract yourself from the situation.
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    Presumably they will ban you if use the phrase "frog in my throat" ?
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    Yes indeed. A nice bold fine example to my eyes. A nice collectable example. And I disagree, I think it is very good :-) (grading that is)
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    Makes me think my own (not very good) example would fetch over £300..
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    Saxon Roman? He's certainly hedging his bets! Surprised he didn't include Greek, Persian, and plumber's mate too...
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    A couple of weeks ago I watched a programme about Mel Brooks- ancient now, and still loud, and nutty as a fruit cake. Then they showed Blazing Saddles. So refreshing. More of that type of anti-racist stuff please.
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    Sorry, but Midsummer night's dream takes us back to the same problem. There's a line in the Rude Mechanicals version of Pyramus & Thisbe which could be interpreted as racially offensive: “Thou wall, o wall, o sweet and lovely wall, show me thy chink to blink through with mine eyne!”
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    My immediate thought was to give you a laughing emoji, but actually, you're probably right. That wouldn't surprise me at all.
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    I can see it in Krause - Y#335, page 440 in my 2011 edition. Described as "Unadopted design of National emblem". Estimated value bears no resemblance to the figures on Ebay though!
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    Their ads are excoriating. Such overpriced tat, a mock 'official' mint, and poor idiots 'investing'.....makes the Franklin Mint look like Walt Disney.....
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    Could be if I drank gin but I'm strictly a beer man and it's ideally shaded for a long cold drink in the evening.😎
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    He must have copied and pasted some of this. Using otherwise good extremely fine has all the attributes of a dealer description. Just about everything is wrong. Title - 1806 instead of 1807. 'No berries on branch', which I suggest is mainly due to the coin being corroded to b*****y. Only 1806 has no berries. Green toned, plenty of lustre - bizarre. 'Weakly struck in legend' - actually, after allowing for its general condition such as the wear to the bust, it's about as good as you will get in terms of legend as this series is notorious for filled letters. Can't comment on clashed dies given the condition. 'Ring of verdigris on the exergue' - presumably that's the exergue on the reverse at 3 o'clock? I reckon he's copied a description of an 1806 from somewhere and just changed the date
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    He can't even get the date right!
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    you’ve certainly got some very green fingers there Blakeyboy