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    There are also some in Eastbourne, but that's old gnus.
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    I didn't realise that these animals live in Telford - that's gnus to me.
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    With decent auction houses, e.g. Noonans, the online bid window shows not only the current bid but also what that equals in terms of hammer, so you don't have to do any mental arithmetic while bidding.
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    Was the first a large auction house? I'm bemused by the need to register with auctionet afterwards. How difficult is it to have someone take card payments over the phone, particularly as you presumably were able to bid without doing so? Sounds overly complicated! ?? Surely, buyer's premium is added to the hammer cost. So it's something that I do have to pay (plus vat) as a buyer. And take into consideration when bidding. I also bear it in mind when reviewing what level of 'service' I feel I've received, such as speed and cost of dispatch and the level of care taken to safely package my purchases. That the seller might not get as much because everyone is adjusting their bids down by 30% is of course also an issue.
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    And that one is an absolute stunner. Ir was CGS graded and I believe it was regraded by NGC as MS64. Looked far better to me.
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    Guy bought the unc lustrous 1882 no H F112 penny for upper 30’s K a couple of years back. Very keen penny collector. I have had some lovely purchases from his auctions, including an EF 1827 penny at good prices. Really decent bloke, often at the MCF. Jerry
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    A rare sight in Telford, just taken from Mum’s kitchen window.