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    Although i have had better a nice 1826 Penny REV C Thick line which are quite scarce.
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    RB is red/brown, RD is red, BN is brown, C is cameo, U is ultra cameo, and based on M having no big numbers, I assume it means it's a minger. This really is a triumph of marketing over gullibility. How do they scientifically determine what constitutes cameo or deep cameo? It's all in the eyes of the beholder, or maybe a sop to the submitter. After all, this got an ultra cameo rating, conveniently ignoring the repair. Before and after pictures. In the slab - £21K ($30K) hammer + juice to the US dealer who bought it, and something on top of that for the client.
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    VIP proof? (Very Improbable Price)
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    This provenance claim in an eBay title made me smile When taking a little nose into the description I was tickled to read the following… Elizabeth I found bent as a love token Comes with provenance from 2015
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    Lovely Elizabeth HAMMERED sixpence! This really started my day off with a smile!
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    Apparently not. It completed and "sold" for £450, and the seller has left feedback as mentioned above. None of that could have happened if it was removed - unless something can be removed after the event, but I don't believe it can. A sale can be cancelled, of course... Here's the link again: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/315165500518?itmmeta=01HQ4BZS9A4NM7ZVFA9MG6MAZ0&hash=item496153e466:g:y9gAAOSwvNFl04mN&itmprp=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4N7kipPiTz0BCXQMgWC6iSMHj%2F5zvSQuQxWjY2cu6yNpjIZ%2F525P%2FMzwhnjKHRdVzwKOh6%2FxD6k4m96TMefoC3i%2FZ2un8azd78R6UEDf2IuGAYr0HhlODfACMlsManI4g1BRVpGQ5Sq39AMYB3bjQ5wmJK2xzvaT1gCcKIVsvA3uVJ8yJrk51DdWtXHwbQQI8xiym02pABGTJhbO165Zxo9HC4Zs5OB9xVhJ%2FunFcmFvno8bmwJUwd9jETHNc%2Bywt3%2Bkx7mF%2BLRWFiUYuLO2T%2FUNKhZ%2F9BZwQh8JWTUektfo|tkp%3ABk9SR96U_4u5Yw