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    Some may remember that I had a small batch of these a while back. I have one left and in my clear out it has to go. Inevitably it is the least good of the batch and the lustre has broken down in a few patches, but it is still pretty good. First sensible offer by PM, to include postage, gets it. Paddy
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    With a deep fried mars bar?
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    Found this, the original Peter Nichols https://ninebattles.com/2023/06/02/stamp-and-coin-shop-norman-road-st-leonards-on-sea/
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    ... and I did not dispute that "fact" though I have seen no evidence to support it. If it happened 50 years ago, it was wrong then and remains wrong today. I doubt that it was as wholesale and targeted in the past. I was at university 45 years ago and I recall very little of what you describe. My fact, supported by current evidence, was completely discounted based on left wing bias against any media that does not support their narrow viewpoint. What really gets me is that the Labour party, supposedly champions of the working classes, for which I laud them, has now become the puppet of wealthy, privately educated and privileged trendies from London.
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    Interesting one, nice one found.
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    Looks like an E over B, to me. Never seen one of these before!
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    that's the FRITTER variety, only issued in Scotland...
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    Sure looks like it to me. Jolly good find!!
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    Am I seeing an F here? 1861.
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    Like the guy who took exception when I suggested they were collecting opinions. Was it MS65 1967 pennies? Whatever, really rare because only a handful had been slabbed in such exalted grade. Thus proving that most people still retain their marbles.