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    I've absolutely no idea what you mean by "extremes of wokery that are undermining the Western world's entire ethos"
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    Some may remember that I had a small batch of these a while back. I have one left and in my clear out it has to go. Inevitably it is the least good of the batch and the lustre has broken down in a few patches, but it is still pretty good. First sensible offer by PM, to include postage, gets it. Paddy
  3. 1 point
    I've a few coins like that - always on one face only. I don't see how it could be mint damage? I always taken it to be post-issue damage.
  4. 1 point
    Looks like post-minting heat or fire exposure limited to offense (the side facing heat source probably).
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    But it sounds good
  6. 1 point
    Does anyone else think that the extremes of wokery that are undermining the Western world's entire ethos are also emanating from Russia? It would be so easy for them to stoke the crazy ideas through social media and stand back to watch the ensuing chaos in glee.
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    Hi Mike, that coin has been sold twice before on ebay in the past 3 months, and by same seller..... previously for over £300 on both occasions. Just a word of warning if you actually bought it, that maybe it won't look so good 'in the hand'. I could be totally wrong, but did think strange that it has been returned twice already.
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    Not that it's likely that fake makers will read our topic , but I suppose we risk advising them on what to change in the next batch to bake .