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    I have now you've pointed out that the coins have been posted. Had a feeling it would be a good collection and was right. Some magnificent items, and a once in a decade (or more) opportunity to obtain a few.
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    I think also that especially with 6d's, they are far more protected by their rims than 2/6's and 2/-'s.
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    There are some lovely examples there, I particularly like the whitefriars one with it's rich chocolate tone. I've started to collect the brass examples of the Birmingham series, 5 so far plus one that turned out to be a gilt copper! Have you considered collecting the Gloucester penny series? Being that little bit larger makes for some excellent detail
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    Very nice Will. I'm also collecting Kempson's Coventry buildings (along with Bath and Birmingham), I don't have an example of that one yet. Here's my little collection of Coventry buildings so far