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    No big leaves yet- far too early. Only put out the tropical stuff this week.
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    I would say it works on the same principles, coins sliding along a built frame, used for teaching children.
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    here are my examples, as I say one I am not too convinced about although it does have similar features the double tick and the thickness of the central diagonal of the N
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    That will be the F33 ‘N over inverted N’, you have it in your Freeman re-print Richard and it is in the Gouby update too. Other than the photo of a worn second that Larry has previously shown, I haven’t seen another despite several years passing and it does seem to remain very rare indeed. Still in my collection of course. As regards the ‘rarest’ coin in my penny collection I have several that are still in the ‘single figures known’ category from the Rarest Pennies database, with the above F33 and an F15 BRTTT perhaps the rarest. In my hammered collection I do have two of the four known 1558 dated mm lis Elizabeth Ist pennies, one being the Comber example. Jerry
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    Yes it was a bad winter for my little yard garden too . I try cover things but even a small sheltered yard could not stay warm enough. I think it was the warm then deep freeze cycles we went through. Still a lot came back green and lush ...resilience in nature . It took ages for spring to get going we still have bluebells and the odd daffodils here in the grim North East
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    Yes. Rarity (of supply) is only relevant relative to demand. My daughter’s art work is rare … Also relevant is the relevant cohort of the supply - Maundy money for any given year may scarce but supply is available for every single year so nobody cares.
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    A young visitor in our garden yesterday , dont see many in Manchester especially during the day.