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    After exhaustive research, I have decided it's time for me to pass on my knowledge of how to make sense of Ebay listings. (Apologies if this has already been done.) "Some luster" (sic) Polished flat. "Collectable condition" Flat "Unsorted" Sorted "Unsearched" All valuable coins spotted and removed "Mint error" Hit with hammer "Rare" Common "Very rare" Very common "Great patina" Dug up "Proof" Worn "Wonderful natural toning" Terrible artificial toning
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    A very pretty collection of sovereigns, it has to be said! Thanks for all the pictures!
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    As the years pass, we all, unfortunately, tend to lose some....
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    I do now Ian, yes Incidentally, one slight error I made above regarding the F67. A superb specimen sold at the Copthorne collection May 2016, which post dates my purchase. But generally, the evidence seems to indicate that the already very scarce supply has dried up still further in recent years. I suspect quite a few must be in private collections (such as mine in all fairness), and staying there.
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    'Ollies' were your regular marbles. The larger ones and ball bearings were 'Bullies'.
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    Wow, those are very good for Photoshop 2 (out of 12)! One thing to remember is Photoshop always saves a larger file than other apps - without resizing I always re-save Photoshop jpegs using Apple Preview and usually the file sizes are 2/3 of Photoshop's.
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    Well done they are new to me so lovely to see them
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    I recently obtained an almost complete set of the Education Union series - just the Shilling outstanding, where I know of only 1 example. Photos to come in following posts.
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    I got this specimen about 20 years ago and have treasured it since - 1920. Not quite as nice as the satin specimen “duck tailed” but pleasant nonetheless. I am challenged by posting decent photos let alone two or more. I will try to show the reverse in a subsequent post.
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    The reverse photo just does not demonstrate the matte-like surfaces.
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    What a fascinating thread. I'm just going to pop this here. Written by the writer Michael Rosen. Which I found interesting.
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    I assume there is also a big difference with winning an auction and paying immediately compared to waiting for the sellers invioce before paying. I know if I think I've made a steal I bang in the payment before the seller has had time to think about it. Picked up a UNC 1956 1/2d F475 the other day for $5, was on the edge of my seat until it arrived.lol. Lucky sod. I've never even SEEN one of those 1956 varieties.