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    A young visitor in our garden yesterday , dont see many in Manchester especially during the day.
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    After exhaustive research, I have decided it's time for me to pass on my knowledge of how to make sense of Ebay listings. (Apologies if this has already been done.) "Some luster" (sic) Polished flat. "Collectable condition" Flat "Unsorted" Sorted "Unsearched" All valuable coins spotted and removed "Mint error" Hit with hammer "Rare" Common "Very rare" Very common "Great patina" Dug up "Proof" Worn "Wonderful natural toning" Terrible artificial toning
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    GEF 1874 F67. Another example of a very difficult to obtain variety, which, at R12, shouldn't be too onerous to locate, but is, in fact, very difficult in higher grade. I actually won this at the Spink Auction of 22nd September 2015 (lot 565), but don't think I've shown it before. The dark patch on Britannia's legs is curious as it hardly shows at all in hand, but the photo brings it out. Incidentally, with regard to the 1874 varieties, I still believe that with the obvious exceptions of F69 & F76, the F77 & F78 still remain the most difficult to obtain in high grade, as evidenced by their extreme scarcity of appearance over the years.
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    "You will receive the coin pictured"..................................................."...if you can track it down and buy it separately"
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    Campanula ? (blue, bell-shaped flowers)