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    Some background to the Eric Saga. The 4th pic down in the Ebay listing is a St Peter/Sihtric penny which the seller found before his Eric. This was submitted to EMC (2018.0435) and PAS (DENO-FCA770) and eventually sold by CNG (https://auctions.cngcoins.com/lots/view/4-QVUN2/anglo-saxon-anglo-viking-hiberno-norse-northumbria-st-peter-coinage-circa-921-927-ar-penny-20mm-123-g-3h-swordcross-type-bmc-1-york-mint-struck-under-sihtric-ii-caech) Also I uploaded a video superimposing/animating his Eric over the PAS one (YORYM-BA2295), at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b1QpPVzrKM
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    Could be an Eric Morecambe commemorative token
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    See: https://rarestpennies.wordpress.com/1933-f209/
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    That is an impressive piece of work. So either both coins are genuine, or neither is. As the PAS is not infallible, at this point I’m going to sit on the fence. I would comment that there are a number of Eric coins on the EMC database, of many different dies, including nice round coins. There will be more genuine coins out there. Jerry
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    I am surprised that this happens in your area, it certainly doesn’t in mine (Wales, Hereford and Shropshire) for non-treasure items and for two fairly straightforward reasons; firstly, valuation (and it’s costs) is not a funded part of the FLO’s remit, and indeed could open him/her up to challenge -and secondly, for a non treasure item a museum ( or other State entity) has no right of acquisition and therefore advance valuations would be a pointless expense. Of course, should a finder wish to sell a non treasure find, then normally both parties will seek valuations informal or otherwise and hopefully reach an amicable settlement. I have recently undertaken to donate a Saxon coin that I purchased at auction (Noonans) as it is an important Herefordshire find to the Museum involving a £5k gift on my part , the purchase price was taken as the market value. That coin had been through the PAS and recorded by the EMC in 2022 without valuation - difficult anyway as a unique coin. Even for Treasure items, valuation comes late in the formal process and then only after a wish to acquire has been expressed. If Treasure is disclaimed and returned jointly to finder/ landowner, it is up to them to sort out their financial commitments to each other - hence the need for prior agreements. As I stated earlier, it does not appear that this coin, if indeed a find, ever entered the PAS process. Jerry