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    An interesting and encouraging article here
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    Do I detect signs of a possible 6 over a higher 6? Or is it just a trick of the enlargement??
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    It might have been good at the price.
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    I think it is. 7 berries. And the lighthouse looks to be correct. Spotted it yesterday and watching. Pity about the wreckless abuse but I could live with it as an example, at the right price.
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    Oh I found one of those 1830 QUEN cumberberlands reasonable but yours is of much higher quality . I think the Lauer is there below the bust but it has not arrived yet
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    There will always be a generation of collectors - some people buy vinyl records because they prefer that format, some buy just because they collect them as items, and there will be an overlap of both; among the collectors there is intense interest in - for example - matrix numbers that indicate the first pressing. Also, postcard collectors are thriving though not many still send postcards. I don't think we need to worry just yet.
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    My own comments for what they're worth: Many of Bramah's "varieties" such as the 2a (small curved marking to the left of the foot of the 4) could be regarded as trivial (and almost certainly non-intentional) alterations to a die and not truly therefore a recordable variety in Peck's eyes. The intentional overdates are listed by Peck. There are comparable examples in the bronze range that Michael Gouby lists but Freeman either ignored or mentioned in footnotes. Secondly, once the baby boomer generation has passed away, the generation that never uses cash, paying for everything with cards or phones, won't be remotely interested in tiny differences in something they never use or see the point of. And our coin collections will be worthless..............