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    Don't see many half-crowns mentioned so thought I'd post this rare Charles I one, recently won on ebay. Bull 482 / 30
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    I'm hoping that my items arrive tomorrow. They were posted yesterday, but are still showing as stuck at Medway Mail Centre.
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    this will wrangle on for a long time I am sure and it will divide opinion. Those who have no faith in the legal system will contribute to his legal fees those that believe that the facts are presented for entertainment recognise that we cannot have all the evidence will continue to acknowledge that trial but public has limited value. I hope that we get to hear the follow up and perhaps more evidence will be presented. Rather than being a case of liberalism verses conservatism it is a matter of public safety verses personal rights to take actions ( vigilantism) even if the provocation seems reasonable.
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    but he is not innocent he was found to be guilty presumable of reckless endangerment of life , his own included , dangerous driving with intent to cause harm, presumably speeding. The criminals did not get away with it on their part they have to serve 200 hours community service. I do not know the penalty for his crimes presumably as he got a custodial sentence this is the minimum he could be given decided by a judge. Judge in the lower court are unlikely to set legal precedent and change the law. We are lucky to have the right ot precedent in the appeals and supreme court and the European court of human rights. It may well be the case if the case goes to appeal that the custodial sentence will be overturned.
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    One thing you can be utterly certain of. If you called the police and said there was an intruder in the house, they'd probably get there about an hour later. Regardless of how much you or your family were in potential danger. Conversely, if you said there's a guy/s broken in, I've got a gun and I'm going to possibly blow them away by shooting randomly in the dark, they'd be round with several squad cars, and possibly a police chopper overhead in a matter of a few minutes. That's the way to get police attention.
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    If you believe that the judiciary take sides the way you are suggesting, that's extremely worrying. Worrying that you actually believe that, I mean. And you believing that's the majority view is even more worrying.
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