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    I have seen it reported that the truck (if that was the source of the explosion) was heading into Crimea from Russia, in which case it would have had to overcome security checks along the route. Given this, it seems doubtful to me that Ukraine would be able to achieve this attack, at least not without some collaboration from Russian dissidents.
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    Here's a nice 1673 one ex Noble Numismatics auction 3 or 4 years ago. They didn't notice it either.
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    One reason could be that there have been hardly any 17th century mis-spellings in even half-decent condition (ie as good as they come) on the market in the last 15 years. I can't speak so much for farthings, or transactions via less high-profile dealers but to the best of my knowledge here are the last appearances for the best halfpenny ones: 1699 TERTVS - 2006 (Gregory I) Peck Plate Coin. Best known 1696 TERTVS - 2012 (Lockdales, ex Nicholson) Peck Plate Coin. Best known 1699 GVILELMVS - 2004 (Nicholson). Best known 1700 GVLIEEMVS - ~2007/8 (Baldwins). VF -GVF, better condition than the other mispellings listed here. 1699 GVLIEMVS - 2004 (Nicholson). Best known The 1700 GVLIELMS variety generally turns up in similar condition but only ~ Fine or less - I've got one about 15 years ago not too inferior to the Peck Plate Coin for about £70. 1672 CRAOLVS - 2007 (DNW, not admitted as, but is the Peck Plate coin). Best known 1673 CRAOLVS - 2004 (Nicholson - perhaps not quite as good detail as the SNC 1994 one, but best sold since). Peck's 1699 GVLIEMVS Plate coin sat around for years in the Baldwins trays after it didn't sell at one of their Gregory auctions - it was very ropey though! Though I know much less about farthings, the 1697 GVLIELMS in lustrous, virtually mint state (DNW, 2010) though not struck up at the bottom of the bust or Brit's head due to an uneven flan) must be the finest known of all the 17th century copper mis-spellings, by a mile.
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    for auctions - DNW also (recent name change to Noonans); I found Warwick&Warwick good but that was up to 20 years ago. I think they may have declined? as for dealers, I know some people have had issues with the 3rd on your list. You can definitely add Dave Craddock, and our own @Rob (Rob Pearce) to your list.
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    St James n Noonans (formerly DNW) for auctions in UK as well.
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    I was looking for one for ages when Zo Arms kindly gifted me one last year, I still owe him for that.
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    He hasn't stopped since the 24th Feb. Maybe the bridge strike was a reprisal for the 11 killed in the missile strikes on Zaporizhzhia the day before............or maybe today was just another day demonstrating Russian SOP. The most effective solution remains shipping body bags back to Moscow and St. Petersburg - in industrial quantities. It's the only thing that is going to make the general populace revolt. Hopefully they will deploy the recent conscripts in time for winter, as the system won't provide them with essentials.
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    I agree while the charles II series has been very popular over the last twenty years its mostly been the silver and gold, coppers have been left out in the cold a bit - the exception is high grade halfpence and good attractive farthings . Unfortunately error and mistake coins have never really joined the party not sure why I surpose its because its always been a niche market . Ie everyone wants a high grade charles II as a type coin but few specialise in the more interesting errors
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    I thought I might start listing some of my half penny characters. It would be mice to have them listed so others might look see if we have matches . I am not going to argue that they are varieties they are anomalies and this would seem , to me at least, to be the best place to share them 1860 toothed 8 over 8 it is the rounded lighthouse type the A is over the older curly based A in HALF and there is a very clear error in the placement of the I in Victoria on the obverse I HOPE THIS INTERESTS SOME ...MANY THANKS