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    I was lucky enough to pick this one up on the Bay , unattributed as an F763 [ Gouby A1+B ] [ Bulging Eyes ] . Its the same as Example 2 On Richards site . I know Its a little battered, but so hard to find in any condition. I also note that both the Reverses on the Gouby A1+B and the A+B are different in that the date width on the A1+B is wider.
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    I think he's trying to be all things to all people. He's a fascist even though he claim to be de-nazifying Ukraine as a good socialist. He just does a pick and mix from the dictator's handbook - after all, there's bugger all difference in methods of repression and execution of policy whichever side you look at, just the target scapegoats who have the misfortune to be named. The extremes of either side have always been separated by little more than the thickness of a cigarette paper. If you want to de-nazify Ukraine, the most bang for your bucks is the return of 100K+ Russians to their homes. And if the majority travel in body bags, then it will hasten the end of Poo Tin.
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    Increasingly liking this one, my best example of a George II young head roses halfcrown type