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    Another interesting video from the US about the July 2022 weather statistics produced by NOAA. The most interesting bit starts about 7 minutes in.
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    It is difficult for people to overcome the psychological barrier that people in authority or their beloved media are lying to them by data manipulation or suppression. This has happened in other areas such as covid and the racial politics both in the US and here, in fact it seems that if the globalists decree something to be so, scientists and bureaucrats will find it so. The ONS got criticism for misleading everyone about the vaccinated vs unvaccinated take up of ICU beds last year - a blatant manipulation to give the largest possible ratio of unv'ed to v'ed. I wonder if the public was informed at all that it was a fake correlation? And this was from the ONS, all experts in statistics!.
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    Well of course he won't listen. He's not interested in opinions that conflict in any way with the narrative that he's been told to think. It's an article of faith, and easy in a way. No need to think about anything except which derogatory dog-whistle to use against those who have actually thought about these matters, and any area awkward for him to address like China's coal consumption, will be ignored, because he might have to think about that. Anyway, here's the interesting thing to me about The Great Barrier reef tale that's been spun for us. Here's a graph of the coral cover over the last few decades since measurements began. Notice the slow variable drop from 2005-2010 followed by a sharper one from 2010-2012'ish. Now, I bet about the this time, this accelerated drop in coral was then computer modelled to continue dropping. So people like like David Attenborough fell for this over-simplified picture which conveniently gave the worst possible result. and he stated in 2018 that the GBR would be no more by the end of the century. Now according to the map, it was near to its previous high points in 2018. All the experts etc would have agreed that things looked grim for the GBR, at that exact moment of time. But maybe they were taking a tiny timeframe and falsely extrapolating that the trend would continue. But it now looks cyclical, perhaps an El Nino phenomenon or some such. So perhaps nothing to do with long-term global warming. The question is: did these experts or the media publicise its regrowth, especially in the years after 2015 where the coral cover was bouncing back? And if not, why not?
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    He very likely plagiarised part of Baldwins description unaware that “as struck” described the grade. Superb😂 https://www.baldwin.co.uk/product/1839-proof-penny-about-as-struck/#tab-description
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    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265841392709?hash=item3de561bc45:g:HHAAAOSwOrhjAVAo&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA0JmbdRBqvEE03gFKuuAXnzr%2Fzy86%2Bl%2FmiLsc%2FkqqOx5iHOVfkky%2BrnWThWT%2BfTUxQx5tSaKaQ0dVZwt0zngDWRX%2FTc3cKxlpCfiB7GUmNLm8ym0DQtjMyW90PyB%2F5s3AW%2BIvX5%2BBLJObRdHN50SzB28LXc4UL3XehxKiIZALXXZggwBxNFt%2Fl%2F3xVuf2ot31umLPcOIrdcPFgb0f9YDmXhoUSsUKEtWSfPIODjBKDyPh4fhAcJYbute1ll7eC58rkWzg2qtiluMg3j8oi1jQOOA%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR87kwfvXYA "As Struck" by what ? An asteroid ?
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    Slightly at a tangent, but there's nothing new in conspiracy theorists/flat earthers/tree huggers/preppers. I found the attached in an auction catalogue recently. Enigmatically called Q and presumably dated 1970 given the 10p leaflet was published in that year. Is Qanon the latest incarnation of the league of nutters, or is it just that the letter Q has some magical quality for people of such mindsets that I haven't discovered yet? I blame it all on subversive behaviour by Russia and Trump.