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    Very pleased with this 1918H penny. It's clearly not UNC, but takes pride of place in my collection, for the simple reason that it's an unusually sharp strike for a 1918H, which even "UNC" with full lustre, are often very poor strikes, with all the attributes of a worn coin. This one has a good breastplate and also reasonable hair detail.
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    You got an amazing bargain there Mike. In the old price guides, it used to go: 1919H 1918H then a gap to 1918KN 1919KN These days it's more likely to go: 1918H then a gap to 1919H 1918KN then another gap to 1919KN (Talking of EF and higher that is)
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    Well, you say that, and I do agree that many 1919H pennies look, not just worn at top grade, but also distinctly blurred. But I did manage to get this nicely struck specimen in February 2019 for just £50. The seller started it at that amount, and I was the only bidder. Had he started it at £0.99, I reckon it would have been bid up more than £50.
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    Sorry the last time I came in before this most recent one was a few years back when ill and was a bit bonkers. Hence I don't know @Rob .so thank you for the direction I did not know he had book interests but I will ask him now I do know.