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    Put a few more pennies on ebay last night, including the 1875 Cannon Ball discussed on this thread (pages 171/2), and a low grade 1875Hh with repaired legend (Gouby Page 70). Low grades, but maybe of interest to one or two members to fill a difficult gap:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?item=403295926834&hash=item5de64f7a32%3Ag%3AiBwAAOSwg1phkQDv&_ssn=alfnail&_sop=10
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    Yes, RENAUD was only active in London for classes 5g,h,i, 6 and 7. It is definitely not 5i, 6 or 7, and of the first two I think 5g most likely from the pics with the low central fleur and thick crown band. Thus late Henry III. Jerry
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    Yes - all the watchers will have received this "offer" of a 90% reduction!! But in her blurb she bangs on about not accepting £720, and her dad not accepting a £300 offer from a dealer originally etc etc. From an £8000 "bid", down to a £3000 Buy it now, down to a £300 offer.... All this proves that she knows that it's all a load of b****cks. I'm going to wait until she has dropped to £3 before making my purchase... About the scrap value of the silver and bronze in the pile 😏
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    Amazing! Well done! Six years! That’s what it’s all about - the thrill of the chase
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    Well, you're buying a penny, so what else would you pay in?