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    Just arrived - 1918-KN. A nice addition to my George V penny set
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    That compares nicely to the one I got off Richard last year. 😊
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    Picked up one of my 1893 Jub 6d at Waterbird. Nice coin but marred by a couple of scratches. My other one, AU53, I got at Heritage. Both were pricey. There aren't really many bargains around these days unless you can spot something with the coin that isn't listed. I did buy a 1887 JH sixpence with JEB on the truncation for £95 hammer which is very reasonable. It wasn't marked on the NGC slab which is why I think I got away with it. I remember back in the 1980s and early 1990s buying from Glendinning's and thinking prices were high. Many of these coins look like absolute bargains today.