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    On the subject of gardens again one of my faves is powys castle in mid wales the yews are a particular wonder it pretty good in august- september, esp when the dahlias are out Bidulph grange staffs also has a lovely display of dalias come sept
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    Could be if I drank gin but I'm strictly a beer man and it's ideally shaded for a long cold drink in the evening.😎
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    7foot hollyhocks is my big success this year.
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    Is that a Gin Palace in the distance?
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    Emerging from the jungle. The rain has made it go crazy but nice and shaded in the current weather pattern.
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    My favourite Canna: 'Shenandoah'. Queen Victoria's favourite as well. Great dark leaves, but you can _never_ capture with a camera just how unusual and captivating the pink hue is- nothing else like it. A bugger to grow- needs heat- you can lose one to a cold spell at the drop of a hat.
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    You can see here from the official RM pamphlet that the silver set case cost almost as much as the coins and cabinets were all the vogue for storage - so yes they are very rare
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    I'm posting the following images for Gary: Obv 7 Rev C#
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    The shield rim IS indeed slightly recessed, like the original 1860 rev C that it appears to be based on. As specimens wear of course, that becomes a flatter part of the coin, so not a reliable definer. Much better is the lighthouse itself, plus the fact that the PE of PENNY are much closer to the linear circle than on the normal 1873 reverse.