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    Another for my flourishing Charles I halfcrown collection, this a York Type 1. Bull 550 and from his collection.
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    Then of course there's this too.....
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    I had a look into the difference between the KT 66 and KT 88 tubes. The KT 88 was an older tube and of a higher power rating than the KT 66. KT 66s were probably used in domestic HiFi amps as 20 watts output power was deemed sufficient as the dynamic range of vinyl LPs was about 45 dB and with an average listening level of about 0.5 w to 1 w the headroom was sufficient to prevent excessive distortion. There were also a lot of power amps based on the Wireless World Williamson amplifier that delivered 10 w output power using EL 84 tubes in push pull. Most modern domestic HiFi amps are in excess of 50 w output power to accomodate the much increased potential dynamic range of 100 dB offered by CD and other digital streaming as the dynamic range is determined by the number of quantisation levels during digitisation rather than a voltage level or the distance a stylus can travel on a vinyl record.
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    It may be that VM is disguising your location, which is triggering a concern and so taking you into Captcha. I agree though, those Captcha screens are frustrating and sometimes you cannot work out why it didn't work and you have to do it again!
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    I agree this is a pain. I also get the recaptcha popup on the Track and Trace site but once I match what is asked for I then get access to the site. Sometimes the selections are not obvious and overlap several squares, so it does take me several attempts. Also sometimes the pictures refresh so may need multiple presses to clear the item being asked for until the grid is clear of the items. You could try the headphones option at the bottom of the recaptcha popup to listen to a phrase that can then be typed in, but I find that option even worse. If that fails as well, I can only suggest you may try to clear any cookies from Royal Mail as perhaps that has done something to your browser. I don't like these extras that need to be answered to gain access to a site. My understanding is this stops harvesting data by bots but in this case I'm not sure what info could be gained by a automated system as the Track and Trace page does not show my address details or what is in the package.
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    My Grandfather had a pewter tankard with a glass bottom. On the glass bottom there was a picture of a man on the gallows and an inscription, "Good to the Last Drop."
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    Impressive setup. I'm afraid I like math approach. Yes the KT66 was the lower power tube while the KT 88 was a higher power device. KT stands for kinkless tetrode .
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    In my local I have my Pewter tankard but if playing away from home then it's a Nonic Pint.
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    My latest coin one of the harder dates of the Edward series. All I need is a high grade 1905 florin at a good price. I live in hope. I notice that Britannia's face seems worn but in the hand it's pretty good.
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    Oh wow! Of course... I remember know- he was from your neck of the woods! Oh that maths gives me the shivers....I feel like strangling Fourier sometimes for making me feel stupid! Good valve, the KT66- especially the early tall thin ones- I sold an early Leak amp that had them in on Ebay a few years back and the bidding went mad. I've spent the week installing the console I rebuilt/modified into the new studio/building site. I sold it to the studio last week, officially, and it's very odd to not own it any more! Still got to wait for the guy who is going to clad it all in sapele.... I'll put up more pics as things evolve if anyone is interested.
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    Hot Cross buns one a penny two a penny.