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    If anyone might be interested, I have just listed on eBay a bunch of ten low grade but much rarer Freeman and Gouby varieties, including a Freeman 1 and Freeman 69 die pair 6+I, and a Gouby BP 1874 Nn, 7 over 7... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-VERY-RARE-Victoria-pennies-rare-Freeman-Gouby-varieties-Fill-those-gaps/284241561730?hash=item422e1e0882:g:iWsAAOSwQstgZeDI ... and as a separate lot, a much better Freeman 69... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1874H-Victoria-BUN-PENNY-Dies-6-I-Freeman-69-Nice-and-excessively-rare-R16/284241565126?hash=item422e1e15c6:g:M8wAAOSwSZ9gZeJb Certainly nothing to write home about, but as gap fillers, they might suit someone! Cheers!
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    Back in the day when I handled more coins than medals I put everything into 2 x 2s. Storage was easy. Even today most charity shops will have slide boxes for 35 mm slides, or even better the cartridges used in 35 mm slide projectors. They fit beautifully.
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    Very nice indeed but, as I bought this one for £175 delivered, you can count me happy enough.
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    One I had for a while, now part of a Gentleman's Choice collection