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    I should say so, very jealous, did Harold give you the third degree?
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    In 1979 I was pecked on the cheek by Mary Wilson of the Supremes. Does this count?
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    I have also heard that our brucie had a terrible temper as well, it's only an adoring large crowd that he was interested in , oh and a big pair of knockers as well
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    Hi Jack - Welcome to the forums What you call a 'pattern' is actually a 'type' - and you sound already like a type collector rather than date runs (we all start with runs, some of us don't stay there forever!). There are also coins that really are patterns - those are strikes of a new design that is not actually adopted by the Treasury for currency coins. For example, Queen Anne farthings, many late 18th Century copper coins when they were experimenting with machine-produced base metal coins (there was a serious shortage of 'small change'), George V double florins, etc etc. If you've got Grading British Coins then you're well on the way to being able to grade coins with reasonable accuracy. That plus your other two books are a great start. If you end up wanting to collect scarce shilling varieties then Davies and Groom (2 separate books) are two very useful additions for silver varieties. Don't rush. Read widely. Coin fairs - at which you will find reputable dealers - are a great way to explore the hobby and learn more.
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    Hi Jack, Welcome to the forum. You will find a lot of help here, I was in your shoes some 4 years ago and the members here helped me so much giving me guidance on grading etc. I am sure you will enjoy you new hobby. Take a look at the Coin Acquisition of the Week section and you will see many pictures of the type of condition you should be looking for. Don't be afraid to ask questions or advice we all have had to start from somewhere. When I first started I collected all over the place, but soon realised that I just could not collect everything. So now only collect Sixpences, Threepences and Encased Farthings which is much more manageable. Also please post some of you coins for us to see and get advice.
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    Welcome to the Forum Jack . As you may guess from my name i'm not into Shillings, but im sure lots of useful information will be forthcoming from other members on here who are.
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    I have seen that the packaging error on the sets is a spelling mistake .Televison instead of television for the Logie Baird coin .
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    2 x 2021 Decimal Day 50p Royal Mint Coin packs 1 with 2020 DATE ERROR see pics | eBay This error was on the Royal mint packaging ,although anyone who bought one direct from the Royal mint before the mistake was noticed i believe will be sent a replacement FOC. It says 2020 inside rather than 2021. I have used the eBay link rather than just post a picture and then have to explain.
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    There's nor business like Schnorbitz-ness? (Sorry!) I have met and conversed with Al Stewart, Hawkwind, Kevin Ayers. My 2 biggest claims to fame are 1) being patted on the head by Suzi Quatro when I apologised for the small attendance at the Students Union 2) watching MOTD (Liverpool were on... he'll be turning in his grave now) with John Peel when he guested at a SU gig.
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    I was doing a session in a studio once, and they'd hired some extra stuff. They had hired vibraphone, and the hire company said it was coming to us straight off the Bruce `Forsyth tour, and there was no time to check it over. When it arrived, I slid it out of the flight case, and some springs and nuts and bolts fell out. The damping mechanism at the bottom of the tubes had fallen apart, and I had to get that all working. I rang the guy at the hire company, and I told him that all was now ok, but i also told him that I was only really ringing him up to tell him to stop sending us these bad vibes. I just could not resist.
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    The only "celebrity" I had much knowledge of was Frank Muir, who lived in the same village as my family when I was very young. He was always the perfect gentleman - his only vice was taking snuff, for which he carried an exotically coloured handkerchief at all times.
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    Love the blue toning on this one😎
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    Is that a proof 1826 shilling? The toning and the sharp strike make it look like one.
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    I haven't posted for a while due to my lens breaking and the fact prices are obscene at the moment. Here are a few from over the last few months.
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    Why would they strike millions of coins then overstrike each one? No, as Martin says, it's the die that gets recut either to reuse it or to correct an error or to recut wearing characters.
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    Count me in - 1 2 3 o'clock 4 o'clock rock.
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    Latest arrival (crown, LIX edge)
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