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    More like it aquired that tone on a trip back from wuhan
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    Item location noteworthy.
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    Here is webpage for my 'bun head' penny sales, right click and then 'open in new window' https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/alfnail/m.html?item=402732525067&hash=item5dc4baa60b%3Ag%3AH48AAOSwQdhgQ4nS&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
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    I bought a GEF 1862 with a very very dark reverse with a wide rim that was specimen-like - but it was only £1 from a Yank seller at the Midland!
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    I'd definitely dispute "great" being applied to Bernie Winters. Those two were the only showbiz act that made Little and Large look good..
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    Maybe you could post a link in the For Sale section for those of us who don't know your Ebay handle?
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    I have decided to chance a dozen ‘bun head’ pennies from my collection on ebay; all but one will be on open auction starting between 8 and 9 p.m. this evening. I wanted to describe them myself as there are a few unusual ones, including 2 which are now in MG’s updated pages and one from Hiram Brown’s collection, and I wasn’t sure that an auction house would do them justice. Also, I’m thinking that with lack of BP then I may still get a decent price…….now hoping it’s a decision I won’t regret…………be an interesting exercise if nothing else!! It may be an opportunity for some members to add to their collections.
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    Hi Mike, There is also a first edition of Bramah (rarely seen) with a different coloured binder. I believe it has exactly the same contents as the one usually seen, with blue binder, apart from a missing flysheet saying first published in 1929. I would personally be happy to see a re-print of Bramah, even though it would surely devalue my own copy!
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    That one drives me up the wall. Another annoying one "your" instead of "you're". Oh and "sort after area" (which I've seen in an estate agent's ad) instead of "sought after area". I've never said it this way myself, but in the part of Essex I come from, the common speech parlance for "university" is "univers IT E", as in "I've got a place at univers IT E".
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    Thanks for the above Ian. Once again, fantastically useful information. Interesting you say that not many were collecting Bramah variations at that time. Do you think that Bramah has had something of a renaissance since then? I must admit, I don't see him referred to very often - only by the more experienced sellers. It's a pity his book has only one edition and is so rare. Many, probably most, must have been lost or destroyed since the original publication in 1929, over 90 years ago, and we are left with mainly high priced ex library copies. Maybe there should be a re-print of his book. Copyright expires 70 years after the author's death, and as Bramah died in 1942, that 70 years was reached in 2012. I wonder if Rotographic would entertain this idea. Or maybe those who own a copy of the original book would prefer to keep things the way they are. But of course, whatever the reason, you are spot on, as it's clear that very few DFF's of even 1844 are available nowadays. Between 2007 and 2012, it would not have been too difficult to get one. So the figures are conclusive, then and now.
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