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    I acquired the 1732 half guinea, graded by pcgs as AU55 coin from the Spink e-circular on last Wednesday. With the buyer premium added, it cost me around 2100 pounds, and I am very happy to add this gem to my collection. All George II Young head half guineas are extremely rare and this one is possibly the best condition available for 1732 half guinea. Thanks to the Spink, lustre of the coin does not appear on the photo taken by them , so I purchase this coin slightly behind "fair price". This kind of rare coins can easily go far more expensive than "fair price". For example, a au58 1731 guinea(as we know, price of 1731 half guinea and 1732 guinea are similar for the similar condition) sold for 6000 pounds in the spink auction of last September ( https://live.spink.com/lots/view/4-URIJO/ngc-au58-george-ii-1727-1760-half-guinea-1731-ex-douglas-morris) If Photo of the Spink is of high quality and professionally taken, or private viewing is allowed, I would not be able to buy this gem at this affordable price. Sometimes photo of the spink can be unprofessional, for example, the 1703 Vigo crown sold in the Erik Miller sale. After the auction, it is sent to ngc for grading and auctioned in the heritage. If you compare two photos, you will not believe they are two photos taken on the same coin. (https://live.spink.com/lots/view/4-OROJ/anne-1702-1714-crown-1703-tertio-draped-bust-left-vigo-below-rev-crowned-shields-crucif and https://coins.ha.com/itm/great-britain/great-britain-anne-vigo-crown-1703-ms65-ngc-/a/3081-32205.s) Photo of my coin (photo 1 and photo 2 are photos from this auction; photo 3 is the photo from the 2005 Coinex auction; photo 4 and photo 5 are taken by myself):
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    Some cracking good sixpences will have to have a go on a few. 😀
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    I picked this one up as an unidentified hammered a couple of weeks ago. Obverse: HEИRICVS.R/EX Reverse: +HALLI.OИ.RVLA Same dies as Brand1020. It was very cheap for a full Rhuddlan in any condition (judging by recent auction prices where I've missed out on a couple) so I don't think anyone else spotted it.
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    There does seem to be a packaging error with the proof set, maybe there is some confusion due to this? https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/annual-sets/2021-annual-coin-sets/the-2021-united-kingdom-premium-proof-coin-set/ See the note at the end of the description. Jerry
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    Your pictures are so much better than the "Proffesionals", who should do a better job photographing. Well done on getting such a lovely coin.
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    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ELIZABETH-II-1953-PROOF-CROWN-NGC-PF66-CAMEO/203284555600?hash=item2f54b42750:g:CnwAAOSwE3Bf34aq And this one. Nowadays for 1953 proofs, a lot of sellers would sell a cam one as vip proof, which is completely a scandal.
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    Nick, wish my money was better right now but will definitely go on the one lot plus maybe one or two others...
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    But the same plank is available for a snip at https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DETAILS-TO-FOLLOW-GREAT-BRITAIN-UK/363301604363?hash=item5496768c0b:g:GcgAAOSw8-VgM~XT
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    I spotted one of these at an antiques fair about 15 years ago @ Alexandra Palace once priced at £8 (it was about F). I managed to haggle down to £7 and sold it for £50 on EBay (fairly cheap - F was £200 in Spink at the time). I'd completed a date collection of farthings (excluding proofs etc) in the 1980's but sold up in the early 90's to concentrate on higher denominations - remembered how rare this one was when I saw it.
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    Vendor is from Yeovil. Population 45,000 Surnames 3
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