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    The original Peter Nichols of St Leonard has officially retired and his "Stamp & Coin Shop" has closed. In his prime Peter's cabinet were exceptionally made and also benefitted from the use of higher quality mahogany that was available https://www.facebook.com/PNCabinetMakers/photos/a.442053142533613/4434241153314772/?type=3&theater https://www.primelocation.com/for-sale/details/photos/54746481
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    My father was stationed there during the war..... Many fond memories of the area... They had a temporary exhibition a few years ago, that was supposed to be converted to a smaller permanent display, about its role during the war .. My dad sent them some pictures, his library card, and some other memorabilia on loan for the duration.... Not sure if it still exists though. I haven't heard back from them recently, and he asks me periodically about it. (He's 99, my mom 95, married 73 years this Oct 12). If anyone visits Bletchley Park, I'd appreciate an update...
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    Ah- left the area in 1986- no work in town- I'm in Milton Keynes now... I was on the last BR train on the SVR line in 1962.....Erica and I decided to go shopping in Bridgnorth, which is always fun, but we went on the SVR- what a wonderful day out. Everyone should do it. They even had Bathams Beer on the train!!!! Best beer in the Midlands.
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    My field and my speciality, and I've never seen this before. Certain that it's not in BHM, possibly Eimer, which I don't have. I wouldn't part with this until I was sure. Can't check this out until Friday when I'm home. I'll PM you if I find anything.
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    Here's me, a Kidderminster lad, and I didn't spot the carpet connection...I'm slipping....hopefully the £700 an optician got out of us this morning will give me Superman vision, and maybe better comedy insight skills!
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    Halfpennies are much more valueable than farthings - its a USA colonial coppers thing they love halfpennies
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    I thought it was Axminster carpets?
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    It is to my shame that I've had this for 53 years without noticing anything unusual.
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    It's been reported this week that his tax return shows $70k to his hair stylists... I always assumed, looking at him, that Pratt and Whitney had done it......
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    As opposed to Gobby's The American Bronze face........(sorry, sorry)
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    I know that I've shown you my big'n before. I got this from Peter Nichols when he was still making them himself, I had the stand made at the same time and I think it came to £400 all in. I later took out the two medal trays to fit more coin trays. At the time I had several non standard tray made to fit Crowns down to farthings plus four special trays to hold Maundy sets. Later one Peter also made me two extra sides which I fitted into a flight case to hold the collection when in the bank whilst I am away for more than a couple of days.
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    A few slabbed coins won't take up a lot of space. But space does become an issue if one were to slab too many ...