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    Well, I hope it wasn't made for collectors! I can't do photos unfortunately but I bought both this and a Wm and Mary Tin halfpenny fake off ebay in 2007 for £40, which considering they had been sold for £140 hammer along with a poor genuine Wm and Mary tin 1/2 at Gregory II (Baldwins Auction 47; lot 353, Sept 2006), was a good bargain I thought, as these were the two interesting pieces. It is photographed in the Baldwins catalogue though, if you've got access to that. The Wm and Mary fake, also from false dies, is a much better effort, though still crude - the reverse only of this is shown. It's the only JII tin fake I've ever come across and very crude. The plug has been inserted after striking as can be seen from the large amount of solder around it. You can see one reversed N in the photograph of "NIA". I would think it's contemporary, considering its crudeness and thinness (no edge reading), and it had been in Baldwins basement for probably many decades. The Wm and Mary had an old ticket with it saying "from false dies".
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    Just landed - ticks plenty of boxes for me, including my first triangle mm example, my first 3a2 with rough groundline (S 2776), full weight (15.05g), and the Bull plate coin (383b/32)