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    I've found this paper on silver and light on the English Heritage site that may be of interest. https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/siteassets/home/learn/conservation/collections-advice--guidance/effects-of-light-on-silver-tarnishing.pdf
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    Getting there, slowly, with this series .... just landed
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    Gorgeous. Just one puzzle - how did they know in 1794 that the picture would be enlarged when posted in a forum in 2020?
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    That's a lovely example 👍🏻 Uncirculated?
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    Good one on the F76, grab these best known examples of rarities if money allows, otherwise you may regret it ever after. I still occasionally rue the day my computer cocked up as I was about to bid for I think the finest F7 with virtually full orange glow (not streaky as often seen) at the Spink Dec 2015 sale. At the time I thought I'd never see another one like that and of course I haven't since. It went for £1100 hammer which was written up in Coin News as a high price, but I think it was a snip for whoever got it.