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    Royal Mint Pete, hopefully they have a fairly good idea of what they're doing
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    682,103 is correct. Royal Mint mintage figures ETA: In fact I remember in the pre 1997 days, it was a slight turn up for the books if you got a 1985 50p in your change. I think I only ever got two in 12 years.
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    Richard, the constant use of initials/abbreviations really gets on my pip. It's not just the RM, but everywhere. I wouldn't mind so much if they used them, but the top one was asterixed (sp) to the words explaining what the abbreviations stood for. Recently I got an e mail at work that was full of them - I just returned to the sender listing all of them and saying "sorry, don't have a scooby doo what you are on about". Probably a bit offhand in all fairness, but I'd just lost patience.
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