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    Here is what Michael's shop looks like on the inside! This picture was taken of he and I in 2013, a few years before he closed the shop.
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    This coin was folded completely over like the Edward penny in my previous post. Rather foolishly forgot to take a photo of it in that condition and started the process of unfolding it.the first picture is about halfway through the job At this point I could see it looked to be in very good condition . It was pretty easy to continue annealing and quenching the coin till it was flat. The annealing process did discolour the coin quite a lot so I had to re- tone it. And the result I think is amazing . Moneyer RICARD ON LV class 5a2 I believe
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    The catalogue I'm creating will almost certainly not be as good as the index linked by @Peckris 2. However, it makes content searchable by title, subject and author as well as providing a direct link to the relevant article.
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    I thought I would have a go at trying to flatten a couple of hammereds that have been sitting in my coin cabinet for ages. I brought the coins up to cherry red and quenching to anneal them to make it easier to very slowly unfold them. Here’s one that I’m particularly pleased with. I haven’t been able to pin it down to a class, I’m thinking class 2. Any help would be appreciated. Richard
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    Paddy, we've been over this. On Ebay EF means Extra Flat - an accurate grade I think lol
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    Nicely done! Definitely 5a2 no doubt, reversed S is unmistakable. Quite a hard class to find in a good grade so you've done well.
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    Would it be worth contacting Heritage and letting them know that Fedex charge 20% when it should only be 5%? It's prejudicial against a UK buyer.
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    I bet the coin he gives her at the end was Rang. Not seen that for ages and thanks for putting the link up 😊
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    I have met Andrew who is very knowledgeable about Australian and English coins. He works in a coin shop called Sterling & Currency of Fremantle, WA. A business I can recommend https://www.sterlingcurrency.com.au/proclamation-and-colonial-coins
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    Visited Michael's shop when I was in the UK while he was still trading there. He accepted a GBP 50.00 that was obsolete that I had saved from a previous trip to the UK. Not sure if that relevant to his coins (which were fine) but shows he is a decent person to deal with. Also he confirmed that I has a Rev. B 1920 halfcrown when I emailed him some scans of it which again shows he is willing to help people. Hope this helps.
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    This is now spoken for.
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    Thanks @Peckris 2. Just what I wanted to hear!
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    That's Michael Gouby, a leading light in the dealing and numismatics world. He wrote one of "bibles" on pennies - The British Bronze Penny - and what he doesn't know about coins probably isn't worth knowing! I think you can trust him!, and I'm pretty sure he has a cast-iron returns policy?
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    That "coin dealer" is the one and only Michael Gouby. Needless to say, that's not him in the video, but an actor. Here's Michael's own take on the video: http://www.michael-coins.co.uk/Record - Michael Coins by Izo.htm
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    Here is the Dropbox link to the BNJ index, for anyone who is interested. (I've set it up to download directly without taking you to the Dropbox site). It's laid out by monarch among other things, so if you look under George III for example, you will see that an article on 1787 shillings is in Vol 74. BNJ index
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    I think that's pretty fantastic actually, Madness
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    hi nicely done, coin is class 3d London mint ( crescent stops, early S, Normally barred N ,drapery as 2 wedges)
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    Just discovered this song about a coin dealer. Have never heard of the performers before, but it's a great piece deserving of circulation!
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    Peck is generally considered to be the definitive work on the subject and I believe the 1970 edition is the second printing and most recent edition. A must have reference for your library.... One caveat to remember; there have been many new discoveries since that last printing, so you will have to supplement it with other resources.... However it is the starting point from which all others embark...
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    My first experience of computers was on the Durham University Mainframe in the late 70s. The machine was actually in Newcastle, which added to the slow response. It was water cooled, so occasionally we got the message: "Sorry, the computer is down. The plumber has been called." . They had just moved from tape readers to card readers programming in Fortran IV as previously discussed. In my third year I was allowed to use one of the new "Green screen" consoles - there was a waiting list and sometimes it was the middle of the night before I got on. Nothing much has changed - there was an entirely word based adventure game on there - a bit akin to dungeons and dragons - and that soon occupied too much of my time! About then the first PCs arrived - a Commodore PET with a whole 1k memory, programmed in Basic and with a cassette tape to store your efforts on. All the professors were very snooty about it and insisted it would never catch on. I was as pleased as punch when I created a worm chasing its tail game - you can still find them on older mobile phones. Ahhhh! Nostalgia ain't what it used to be...
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    Some one has got to say it ...Decimal coins UUUUUUGGGGG.