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    Think i better wait untill the wife goes out ,she thinks i am bonkers as it is without finding me sitting with a brush and wheel trim out of the lock up
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    It may be as simple as trying to convert a 3D subject, a model dressed as Britannia into and an almost flat 2D subject, a coin. Combined with problems of perspective and that it was being engraved onto a small lump of hard metal. Put these all together and something has to give. Any chance of a picture of yourself in a yoga position, with or without broom handle
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    That's all well and good, but how did they get together in the first place?
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    I didn't get the same link as you Craig I got sent to some dufus with a $750 buy now fake (5durandw) same broken B. Looks like it's been cut out of a book
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    My attitude is that Britannia here is a heraldic device - designed for national pride rather than artistic critique, The bronze coins were produced for the masses. When folk are tired of playing with a broom handle, they could try to persuade their cat to sit upright like the lion on a George VI Scottish shilling
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    The trident pole should of been against the right knee not the left the only person that could sit like that is someone with an arm growing from the center of their chest . As was said if the model mock up was 3d depth and perspective are lost so everything is now shunted forward to a 2D position. I think they made a serious error though I still think no matter how she posed the trident shaft should be on the outside knee. Also we have to take it as a given she is seated at an angle and the left arm isn't flat against her body . It's a semi out to the side pose but they again pur her right foot pointing forward when it should be angled downwards and towards the date like a half side on profile. Weird but I never even noticed it but when you know it's there it's kind of a deformed lady and hardly flattering. What's that say about us to the rest of the world. SHHHH hopefully they are blissfully unaware
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    I have looked at four and cannot see much I will keep looking but my 73's are limited, so far I cannot see much...sorry
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    I took a whole dump when I clocked the price, but then they are never really "affordable" to me anyway
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    That's the one up top cleaned edge dump and grossly over graded but yours at a snip for £2600. I'll get myself a brace .Sure someone taking a crap on the edge of it must knock a bit of value off?
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    An "edge dump"? Euwww.
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    Yes, I was casually looking for ages for one of these, and got a BU example on eBay for - IIRC - £36. Bit pricy but they're hard to find.
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    See what you done you started me back on my unfinished project . I saw this so I bought it. I doubt I will ever get 1 this cheap again 1946 . So now only a few more to go . i'll get a better pic when it arrives.
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    The possible answer is a (even a slight) understanding of the way the human brain works. We are "geared" to see patterns in everything, probably stemming from the genetic necessity for babies to recognise faces almost before anything else. This weakens as we get older but it never dies out, and so we 'see' many things by forming a pattern that has meaning out of something that is completely random. People see the face of Elvis or Jesus or whoever in some item of food they've bought, or in clouds, or anywhere really. The picture below illustrates this perfectly:
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