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    One of the best descriptions I've read in a while: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/coin-hammered-and-clipped-ultra-rare-collectable-tudor-princes-in-the-tower/323020174923?hash=item4b3580b64b:g:lMoAAOSwItJaV1kX
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    Hi D F ALLEN refers to this legend reading in Henry II Cross-crosslets and regards it as standing for Senior or Secundus Types for class B, E and F,pg XXIV and XXXI AND XXXII. mints recorded Exeter (B or C) no 273, Ilchester (B3) no 278, Ipswich (B3) 298 London (E) 509 pl 22 17 ( different obverse die to yours) Your coin appears to read N:CA which could indicate Carlisle or Canterbury both of which struck in class E
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    Stu the new Garrett detectors are a real good buy, good depth and easy to use, I have always had Garrett detectors. But had a change last year to the Xp Deus, they are really good but a little complicated.
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    The as (plural asses) was indeed a Roman denomination. The silver denarius was initially worth 10 asses. A Nero As. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)
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    Thanks Declan, and Pete has just mailed me a copy so Happy Days.
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    Brilliant - thanks Stuart! I will pass on to my friend.
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    A friend has asked me to get a full identification of this Henry III penny. We believe it is Roger of Canterbury, but we are not sure of which class - can someone please clarify?
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    Its class 7a3. The 7bs of Roger at Canterbury usually end in a pellet after Can & the A is square topped in 7bs. Spink 1356A.
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    It's only a common ass featured on the coin I am afraid. Worth less than 30p in mint state. Hope we don't feel like that at work on Monday!
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    I'm slowly building a more general Collectors Reference on my website. It isn't intended to be as detailed as the more specialised sites mentioned, but it does go to the level of Freeman and Davies. I've done 1911-1967 so far, and will get around to E7 soon I hope, and eventually it'll go even further back. Here's the George V shilling page, for instance. http://www.declanmageecoins.co.uk/G5S.html
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