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    Hi all, I thought this acquisition may be of interest to a few of your here, I am fairly pleased to have acquired it!
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    I'll compile a list and make it available.
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    Fantastic find.......HAT OFF
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    There are various ways to measure the purchasing power but this website should give you a breakdown. £0.39 using the retail price index £0.40 using the GDP deflator £4.83 using the average earnings £6.71 using the per capita GDP £27.90 using the share of GDP Looking at various records online it seems like a penny could get you a quart of beer around then, though.
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    That is an absolute stunner! I almost hate to ask, but did the vendor know what it was? I have still to spot one in any condition! Jerry
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    Words are not enough .............RIP. Thank you for the memories and remembered with a smile.
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    I do remember some of his mid-1970s fights, as usual he fought as much with his well chosen deprecatory statements as he did with his fists. And that was what made Ali remarkable, he practiced what he preached. He was a great human being and I will remember his quotes forever. "Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee"
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    Sounds like a great bit of fun Colin, count me in. I'll send the form when I get a chance Matt
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    Now you are. You won't make that mistake again, so if nothing else you've bought some experience. Don't give up, keep it as a reminder to take good care with whatever you buy. As TomGoodheart says, we've all done it.
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    Until Pete comes up with another or you "stumble" on a nice one in searches....its all downhill from now
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    899-924 Edward The Elder Small Cross Penny S.1087 N.649, Moneyer RÆGENULF.
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    Grading doesn't depend on the quality of the dies. It is simply a means of quantifying wear. Die cracks don't come into it.
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    My only concession to pennies in this metal. P2149. http://
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    I remember seeing his first fight against Liston (replay) in black and white at the movies when I was perhaps 5 years old. As a child I knew then he was going to be someone special. Reading about his life, I realized he was more than a boxer. He was an extremely intelligent and articulate person, when you consider his background and lack of formal education. Above all he was a man of very strong Conviction and Principles and contrary to what most believe, he refused to go to war because of these....not because he was a coward or un-patriotic. He was shot at, stripped of his titles, insulted and ridiculed for this but he fought, what was perhaps his greatest fight ……and won. Perhaps not the greatest boxer of all time, but without the shadow of a doubt, the GREATEST influence on that sport and certainly the greatest sports personality EVER…… a man who influenced generations. I was fortunate to acquire a lithograph, signed by him, and I hope to treasure this for a long time to come. RIP Muhammad Ali.