Cotton Coin Gloves from Predecimal


The Cheapest white cotton gloves on the web?

Cotton coin gloves are ideal for handling special coins or any other small items/artifacts plus a huge number of other uses. No more accidental fingerprints on proof coins or damaging damp chemical residues left on any coins or delicate items from your fingers or hands.

Very important for handling Bronze or copper coins as I find these are very sensitive to damp. Once you get signs of green 'Bronze disease' there's little you can do about it. Like with smoking, not starting is far easier than stopping it!

These gloves come in one size only and should fit most hand sizes fine. Postage is quite expensive for just one pair (due to the thickness, not the weight), but is very good value if a few pairs are bought in one transaction.

Now only £1 per pair.

Dan Mulqueen, Monday 01. June, 2009
I'm very pleased with this product, exactly as described. Very good for handling your coins and for a very good price! I can't believe how fast it got to me, only a day or two after I had bought it. Chris is very pleasant and helpful and would happily do business with again!
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