ID Cards for coins, 28mm circular x100

10+ EUR22,28

Round, 28mm card coin tickets, blank on both sides.

A shade off-white in colour, these coin tickets are ideal for placing with coins to provide ID information, or, in the case of dealers they are often used to provide price information. 

  • Stiff but thin card.
  • From FSC certified forests.
  • Specially commissioned by
  • Suitable for the vast majority of British coin sizes.
  • Incredibly durable and excellent value for money.

I chose to provide 28mm coin tickets as they don't look too tiny accompanying a large crown and they don't look too large against a farthing! Also, they are well suited to most coin trays and they fit nicely into my 41mm KLAR coin envelopes.

All the coins that are purchased from at coin fairs (and many purchased online) are priced up and labelled using these coin cards.

They are packed by weight and I always try to ensure you will receive 1 or 2 extra rather than 1 or 2 too few!

Postage is a little expensive just for 100 (due to the thickness, not the weight)! However, for the same postage price many 100s can be sent.

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