500x coin envelopes developed by Predecimal, 41mm


(Quantity 500)

NEW IMPROVED TYPE: With a slightly higher band for a more secure closed flap.

I'm pleased to introduce these new 'KLAR' coin envelopes, which have been designed and manufactured by predecimal.com.

They have been specially developed to best suit collectors of British coins and are 100% safe for the long term storage of all types of metals.

  • Made of inert Polypropylene which contains no PVC or chemicals which can over time degrade and damage coins.
  • Are completely transparent (unlike some similar envelopes which can have an orange peel effect surface).
  • Have an external closing flap which reduces the risk of scratching the coins by not rubbing the flap against them.
  • Suitable for the vast majority of British coin sizes (see below).
  • Incredibly durable and excellent value for money.

Externally they are 41 x 44mm (when closed) which is big enough for the vast majority of British coins from a fractional farthing up to a pre 1860 copper penny or any half crown (even the early milled type). These are not suitable for crown sized coins or cartwheel twopennies, which are both too thick.

These envelopes can be stapled (carefully) to paper or card and can also be stuck with cellotape. 

All the coins that are purchased from predecimal.com are sent out in these envelopes, and I strongly recommend them for posting coins.

Trade enquiries from other dealers are also welcome.

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