2013 SS GAIRSOPPA 1/4 Britannia factory 2nd


The SS Gairsoppa merchant ship was sunk in 1941 with a lot if silver on board destined for the Royal Mint (in London at that time). In 2012/13 an American company recovered some of the sunken silver ingots and after taking a share as salvage fee the rest were finally delivered to the Royal Mint over 70 years later than originally planned. The Royal Mint made these special 1/4oz 2013 fine (999) silver Britannia coins out of the recovered silver (and did the same again in 2014). By way of a 'privy' mark the coins have 'SS GAIRSOPPA' struck incuse on the edge.

The maximum mintage of the 2013 coin was 150,000, but it is likely that only 10s of thousands of these were sold. The number of 2014 dated coins sold is said to be 20,000. Most of these (if not all of them) seem to have ended up in the USA.

The coins were originally supplied in a plastic tube, were not wrapped singly and for that reason they can show the odd sign of having been in contact with other coins.

This 'factory 2nd' listing is for coins that are not up to my required standard to be sold as problem free coins. Coins bought from this page will have slight issues (despite the pictures used for both listings being the same), i.e. toning, milk spots and other things that detract from their overall appearance. 

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