1970 British Proof set, REDUCED


I've always liked these 1970 proof sets!

1970 was the last year that the pre-decimal currency was legal tender; the changeover to decimal planned for February 1971 (even though most of the dates were frozen at 1967 and some decimal coins had been introduced in the late 60s). The Royal Mint made these special proof sets containing all the most recently used pre-decimal currency, including the two shillings (English and Scotish), which hadn't been made since 1966 and had already been replaced by the decimal 5p.

I still find it somehow surreal seeing all these coins with the date '1970' on them. No 1970 pre-decimal coins were circulated and the only 1970 coins that were struck were the coins that went into these sets, all of which are proof quality. The card outer show signs of being opened and closed, has some scuffs on the edges and grubbiness. The coins themselves have slight toning on the coppers (penny and halfpenny). Original certificate present.  

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