SAFE Cabinet with 6 coin Drawers

Drawer 1 Size::
Drawer 6 Size::
Drawer 4 Size::
Drawer 2 Size::
Drawer 5 Size::
Drawer 3 Size::

Usually at least £220.00 in the UK.

Quality lockable coin cabinet, supplied with two keys and made of 2cm thick veneered wood. Comes complete with 6 velvet lined drawers with angled compartments for maximum storage.

Handmade coin cabinets are very expensive and the delivery is usually not cheap either. This 6 drawer unit is just as flexible with your 6 drawer choices, and the chest really is very well made. The lock at the bottom securely locks all six drawers closed, and although the lock would probably not deter a determined thief, it really is great for keeping prying/young hands off your coin collection. You could also use it to stash other small items you would prefer to lock away.

Drawer sizes are entirely your choice from the sizes shown below:

Drawer 6520. 135 compartments x 20mm2. Ideal for Sixpences or Half Sovereigns.
Drawer 6525. 84 compartments x 25mm2. Ideal for Shillings, Copper Farthings, Sovereigns.
Drawer 6530. 50 compartments x 30mm2.
Drawer 6534. 45 compartments x 34mm2. Ideal for all Pennies and Half Crowns.
Drawer 6538. 40 compartments x 38mm2. Ideal for all post 1818 Modern Crowns.
Drawer 6545. 28 compartments x 45mm2. For medals or Crowns in capsules.
Drawer 6563. 15 compartments x 63mm2 each.
Drawer 6562. 6 compartments x 108mm2 each.
Drawer 6568. Assorted compartments 27 x 25mm2 / 20 x 30.3mm2 / 8 x 40mm2.
Drawer 6564. 12 Compartments 80x75mm each.
Drawer 6540. Special assorted sizes for 12 Euro sets.

When you purchase this item from the factory in Germany, through me, you save £30.00+ off the UK retail price.


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