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Dear Rob.

There is no doubt, that you are an educated and reflective person. But I think you are trapped in that kind of conservative thinking. I have to hear and read that kind of information every day articulated by my own government. And most of these political parties are trapped in the same pitfall. The labour party (SPD) does deserve this name any more, she is as conservative as the party of Angela Merkel (CDU) in my view. To make it clear, the monetary system with credit money including the highly speculative banking sector will cost us (as a society) much more than the social system ever did. The social insurance is a part of payment for the working people. Integrating the DDR was paid by pillaging the public pension funds BTW!

To say it again: The last decades, governments cutted down peoples life standard and salary several times. These people continuously had to pay more money for lesser quality. The wages (including social & public service) were cut down, but the financial situation (not only in Greece) became worse. The benefits of the cuttings were transfered to banks, fonds, investors & share holders. If this continues we all will have Greek conditions soon.

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