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The Elusive 2002 Jamaica Proof Set Remains So

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Well kids, no update at all. I can not find either this 2002 proof set or the 1984 specimen set.


However, on a related note, I got two quite rare bits in the last 6 months:

1976 Malta Franklin Mint 25c Uncirculated  Matte. - I got this from a coin dealer on Malta. From looks of it, it was tossed in a bag at time and made the trip to Valetta. I have never seen another ( I got the 1976 FM 50c in Matte a couple of years ago).

1984 Franklin Mint Uncirculated (Proof Like) 50c  - this I had graded at PCGS and is on their census, also the only one I have ever seen. Numismata?? site has this catalogued but doubt they have ever seen it. I bought this off Ebay for a grand total with shipping of $3.59 USD!  l love finding coins like this.

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I have the 1975 Malta 25 cent proof but have yet to see a 76

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Yes, nice coin though it is the matte variety that is quite scarce for 1976 - original montage of 300 and evidently dumped into a bag and? Not really seen or heard of again.  

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